Lieutenant or Ensign Ayala
Damn, I should have said something earlier. I have to admit to having a soft spot for our beloved Commander. Can't we share?

As for other men...well there's Ayala of course. I think he's possibly the only man I've never had to teach anything to - he knows what he's doing. Have you ever been with him? If not or you do in the future, be sure to ask about his 'special routine'...quite an eyeraising experience.

I have to admit that we got pretty engrossed in each other. We had sex everywhere. In a turbolift, in a Jeffries tube, and in one startling piece of my quarters! We were thinking about going for the ultimate thrill and somehow manage to have sex in the Captain's ready room (when she wasn't there, obviously). A site-to-site transport was the best plan, but then we got caught with our pants down. Literally.

It had started out so innocently for once. It was the middle of the night, and both of us were peckish so we went to the mess hall. We were the only ones there so we managed to dig out some food and sat down at one of the tables. We chatted for a few minutes, then somehow the conversation became filled with innuendo. I think it was my reference to bananas that did it.

I barely had time to realise what was going to happen when I found myself pushed against the wall and suddenly we were having sex in the mess hall. I cannot explain in words how exciting it was. I mean, the sex was incredible anyway, but with the heightened tension of possibly getting caught...delicious. I still get shivers thinking about it now.

Don't tell him that of course. He can't possibly know just how good he was.

After that was over, we moved to Neelix's little kitchen area and experimented with the various surfaces there. The best place for me was against his metal shelves grabbing onto the railings.

Unfortunately that was the moment Commander Tuvok came into the mess hall.

I've heard a lot of the crew ask why Ayala was busted down from Lieutenant to Ensign this year. Now you know why.

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