We've all heard about Star Trek: Insurrection, or at least some of the rumours about it. Apparently a fountain of youth is discovered. However, I have concluded that such a thing already exists in the Delta Quadrant. Voyager's First Officer is getting younger. Don't believe me? Take a look at this photographic evidence...

'Do No. 1:

The 'Season One' 'do.

Note the grey highlights and slight chubbiness.

'Do No 2:

The 'Season Two' 'do.

Ever so slightly darker. Ever so slightly thinner.

'Do No 3:

The 'Season Three' 'do.

Much darker. Much leaner.

'Do No 4:

The 'Season Four' 'do.

Someone goes at Chakotay with a pot of boot polish.

Are you convinced yet?

And we also have...

'Do No 5:

The 'George Clooney' 'do.

In 'Future's End', something miraculous happens. Chakotay turns into...George Clooney! And they say Superman has an alter ego.

And yes, it's not a very good pic but I love it!

'Do No 6:

The 'Trek Captain' 'do.

Eeek. Sorry, but he can't carry this off.

'Do No 7:

The 'Keep That Grease Away From Him!' 'do.

Yuck. Another nasty one. Please.....more natural is what we want!

'Do No 8:

The 'Pushed Forward' 'do.

I quite like this one...