To Die Standing (aka Crackdown)

Cover Blurb

'A good aim......settles any argument'

A maverick D.E.A Agent and a by-the-book Peruvian cop team up with explosive results in this rapid-fire action adventure.

Determined to bring an international drug lord to justice, agent Shaun Broderick (Cliff De Young) and officer Jean Degaldo (Robert Beltran) grudgingly agree to work together, despite their mutual animosity. But when the drug lord orders an attack on Degaldo's wife, the disciplined Peruvian vow vengeance. Caught between the deadly drug syndicate and Degaldo's personal vendetta, Broderick turns for help to a beautiful deputy Ambassador (Jamie Rose). But even she holds a few surprises, as Broderick learns in a suspense-filled showdown with a thrilling finish.


Cliff De Young

Robert Beltran

Jamie Rose

Gerald Anthony

Orlando Sacha

Michael Ford


Story by

Ross Bell and Daryl Haney

Produced by

Luis Llosa

Directed by

Louis Morneau

A Califilm film, 1990

Rated 15


Coming soon, I promise!

Last updated 17th February 1998