The woman with more hair than all the other Trek Captains put together (even with her shorter style) has the honour of going first.

'Do No. 1:

The 'We Never Got To See It On Film' 'do.

If only she'd known that about three years later she'd be getting the same hairdo...would have saved a lot of people a lot of trouble.

Yup, proving from the start that they didn't plan it quite right, they shot several days worth of footage with this 'do before using the bun. Of course, they then realised that there was no logical reason for Janeway to suddenly get a bun part way through the pilot so they had to re-shoot all of the scenes she did with this 'do...

'Do No 2:

The 'Bun Of Steel' 'do.

It gives me a headache just looking at it.

Fondly remembered everywhere as the 'do that broke a thousand comb needles, Janeway kept this one (more or less) for almost three years. Of course we'd see slight variations of it...

'Do No 3:

The 'Only Janeway Could Carry This Off' 'do.

You know it's a dramatic moment when this happens.

Seriously, who else could get their hair this messed up and still look great? Let's forget for the moment all those hard working make up and hair stylers off screen and imagine that Janeway doesn't have help from anyone with her hair. Isn't she terrific?

'Do No 4:

The 'Half-Bun' 'do

Similar to her later 'half ponytail' 'do, this looks quite relaxing.

'Do No 5:

The 'Wrap Around' 'do.

Only seen in the episode 'Cathexis' (otherwise known as the ep where she has her hands all over his chest), this is a broader change of the bun so I thought I'd better include it.

'Do No 6:

The 'Letting Her Hair Down' 'do.

Woo. Good thing Chakotay didn't see her like this. He'd never be able to stand up from fear of embarrassment ever again.

'Do No 7:

The 'Way Too Relaxed' 'do.

Well you'd think 'do number 6 would be relaxing, but she didn't fall asleep on screen with that one.

'Do No 8:

The 'Ponytail' 'do.

First seen in 'Basics', she would fluctuate between this and the bun for the first half of the third season, before finally keeping the ponytail.

'Do No 9:

The 'Half Ponytail' 'do.

As seen in the episode 'Sacred Ground' (which started out with her in the bun) Janeway let her hair down in more ways than one.

'Do No 10:

The 'Shorter Than I Expected' 'do.

Premiering in 'Year Of Hell', we all knew the new 'do was coming for a long time. Some hated it, others loved it. I like it, even if it does have a tendency to have a mind of its own. Did you see the Weird Al Yankovitch thing it did in 'YoH'?

'Do No 11:

The 'B'Elanna Torres' 'do.

Well, other crewmembers copy Janeway...why shouldn't she copy someone else?

'Do No 12:

The 'We've Seen This Before' 'do.

Eerily reminiscent of her 'Cathexis' 'do...

'Do No 13:

The 'I Really Like It' 'do.

This is undoubtedly the best her hair has looked since 'YoH', possibly ever. Nice job.

'Do No 14:

The 'Slightly Longer' 'do.

Okay, at Rebecca's suggestion I'm including this as a new hairdo...