An Aberration

by Suz

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He woke to discover a disturbingly familiar pair of dark eyes staring at him.

He uttered his first word of the day:


The man lying opposite him barked out melodious laughter. "What a wonderful reaction. Humans have such an interesting vocabulary."

Sitting up and turning away, Chakotay ignored him as he looked for some clothing. Thankfully finding a pair of trousers on the floor he grabbed them and started to pull them up. He frowned as he realised they were a little snug.

"They're mine," Kashyk told him smugly, with no small amount of amusement.

Chakotay swore softly as he realised he was right. Still, they covered the essentials and right now that was all that really mattered. Moving away from the bed he winced a little, his body aching in places it hadn't for a long time. He hadn't been with another man in years.

Reaching the closet, he opened it and began pulling out a fresh uniform, ignoring the crumpled heap of clothes on the floor as he tried to ignore the smell of sex coming from his bed.

"What are you doing?"

The voice came from behind him. Kashyk had moved.

"I'm getting dressed, then I'm starting my shift and forgetting that last night ever happened." As he spoke he walked into the bathroom. Throwing the clothes down on the floor he kept hold of the grey shirt and pulled it over his head roughly. Grabbing the top of the trousers he was wearing he tugged them down and quickly put on the rest of his clothing.

Mostly dressed, he turned as he pulled on the jacket to see Kashyk watching. Glaring at him, he stepped around the naked man and went to night stand. He frowned. Where the hell was his commission bar?

"You think it's going to be that easy?" Kashyk asked, approaching. "She's going to ask me to stay. You know she is. And I know you enjoyed yourself last night."

Kashyk may have known, but Chakotay was doing everything he could to forget about last night. Last night was an aberration, a hideous mistake caused by too much alcohol...that was all. Where the hell was his commission bar?

He hadn't realised he'd spoken aloud until Kashyk did. "I believe it may be on the floor, possibly under the bed. I'm afraid I knocked the table while you were fucking me."

Trying not to lose his anger at Kashyk's bluntness, Chakotay located the commission bar under the bed. Picking it up and snapping it into place, he set about pulling the sheets off his bed and replacing them.

Kashyk watched with his arms folded over his chest, still not bothering to put his clothes on.

After the sheets had been changed and Chakotay had picked his own clothes from the previous night up, he finally lost his temper. "What the hell are you staring at?"

"You have a nice ass."

Dumping his clothes on the floor, Chakotay stepped towards him. "Look, you can stop this bullshit right now. You know as well as I do that last night was just about a quick fuck."

"Really?" Kashyk asked, almost sincerely. "I seem to remember it being more than once. I fucked you, you fucked me, and in our own way we both fucked Janeway. Tell me something," he asked, frowning in a way that reminded Chakotay of an Academy Professor "Was there anyone you didn't screw last night?"

Chakotay's fist clenched. Hard. But he held onto the fragment of control that he still had. "Get out. Now."

"Very well," he declared "but shall I get dressed first? Unless you want the crew to see me walking out of your quarters naked...?"

Saying nothing, Chakotay nodded.

Nodding back Kashyk stepped around him and the instant he was behind him he grabbed the First Officers arms, pulled them tightly behind him and rammed him into the closet. Chakotay barely had time to react.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Chakotay shouted, trying to move out of Kashyk's unbelievably strong hold.

"Just showing you how difficult it's going to be for you to forget," he hissed into Chakotay's ear. In a manoeuvre he must have performed many times before, he swapped the two hands holding Chakotay to just one but still kept him pushed against the closet.

"Let go of me!" Chakotay yelled, trying to push him away with his elbows.

Kashyk didn't budge, using his free hand to move around the side of Chakotay's body and down towards his target. Slipping easily under the constraint of the uniform, Kashyk's hand quickly found Chakotay's penis.

The First Officer swore even as his eyes closed. "Let go you fucker."

"No," he murmured against Chakotay's neck. "No, I don't think you want me to."

Leaning his head against the closet, Chakotay tried to ignore the feel of Kashyk's hand as it moved repeatedly along his cock, slowly, torturously. He swore again, softly.

"You like that," Kashyk murmured, and as Chakotay's erection grew he could feel Kashyk's forming, pressing into him from behind. It only heightened his arousal.

Kashyk upped the pace and began experimenting a little. Flicking his balls lightly, rubbing the tip - which just about made him explode - until returning to the smooth up and down motion. Chakotay felt his knees buckle as he came, and it was only the other mans strength that kept him upright at that moment.

Rubbing his hand over Chakotay's groin, his own erection still plainly evident, Kashyk spoke.

"You're going to need a new uniform."

And Chakotay knew he was going to be late for his shift.


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