Automated Advice
by Suz

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It's almost a choose your own adventure story.


Ah, hello there.

I know what you're thinking right now - why would this holodeck programme that you've decided to try out activate the holographic Doctor? Well, the truth is in fact that I am simply a holographic representation of the holographic Doctor.

Ha. 'Simple'. As if anything about him were simple.

The reason behind the use of his own image and not going directly to him is obvious. Firstly, he's not always going to be available to dispense advice. No, we all know that on a daily basis he is busy saving a multitude of lives on board Voyager, and almost as frequently he is saving the known Universe.

He can hardly be expected to free up some time for you in the middle of his busy schedule just to give you fashion advice.

Although, it may not be exclusively fashion advice you are searching for.

Secondly, the use of his image will put you at ease from a psychological point of view. It's no secret that some humanoids have difficulty...'opening up', as some describe it. It's his belief that seeing a familiar face while not having to deal with the consequences of anything you may reveal to that familiar face will make this a much more relaxing situation for you.

As for relaxation...why not replicate yourself a chair? A bed? A futon? I realise it's a little bare in here, but the Doctor thought it best to let you programme in your own surroundings; whatever makes you most comfortable.

Go on. Go ahead. We won't get anywhere if you don't relax.

Oh, nice choice. A very nice choice. The holographic grid may be useful, but it's not aesthetically pleasing, is it? No, this is much better.

Well, let's get started. Do you mind if I sit here? Thank you.

At the moment there are three main subjects that I am equipped to give advice on. True, there are a multitude of areas I could give advice on, but these are three areas that the Doctor really believes he knows a great deal about. Of course, as he continues to develop he'll add more to my programme. Be sure to check back often for updates!

The three main subjects are:

Number One: Command Styles - Do you choose to retreat or kick some Borg butt?

Number Two: Fashion Do's And Don't Even Think About Doing's - White after Labour Day. Is it really such a crime?

Number Three: Delta Quadrant Couplings AKA Love Among The Stars - Yes, the kind of advice that everyone requires. Romance. Just how do you make it work?

Which would you like to discuss today?


If you think the crewmember will pick Number One (and I'm not referring to Riker), go to part 2a.

If you think the crewmember will pick Number Two, go to part 2b.

If you think the crewmember will pick Number Three, go to part 2c.


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