From The Dungeon

by Suz

Okay, for those of you who don't know, the members of JetC14 have thrown me into a dungeon...

So, you've thrown me into a dungeon for not typing fast enough. Well...did you ever consider that maybe I *like* it in here??

This is utterly self-indulgent. Oh, I took English at College so I *know* this isn't grammatically correct. Who cares??

Not really J/C and yet it is.


Thrown into a dungeon to pay for my crime -

not writing J/C fics in a fast enough time.

Mary and Irenee watch on with glee

as Amanda flicks a switch turning on the PC.

"Write!" they exclaim turning a key in the lock

"Finish that story of you'll stay here to rot."

Leaving me alone in a dark, cold cell

I know that I deserve this kind of hell.

But wait, there's a form moving from the wall

and as he approaches I try not to fall

For all is revealed as he comes into view;

the man in the cell has got a tattoo!

Overcoming my shock I ask why he's here

And with a slight smile I fight back a cheer

"They're angry at me for falling for Kellin

but I don't know or remember the woman."

"Perhaps I can help you," I suggest with a grin

"But you'll have to help me, so get going."

I explain what I want and though reluctant he agrees

so I start typing, my eyes fixed on the screen.

He tells me of Kathryn and my smile fills the room

as I listen to his words - love, peace, devotion.

Hours later I pause, fingers slipping from the board

When I notice he's asleep - I discover he snores.

Exhaustion overwhelms me and I fall to the ground

Ignoring the cold surface I sleep with no sound.

A pressure on my back wakes me from my slumber.

The man with the tattoo, is holding a cucumber!


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