First Days

by Suz

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You know the tale of The First Days don't you? When everything is perfect?


She grinned inwardly at the sight of him but couldn't keep the grin contained and it quickly moved to her face. It was always like that now. She couldn't help herself.

Everything reminded her of him. She'd be working on a status report and she'd think of the smile he only ever used on her. She'd be reading B'Elanna's demands for more staff and somehow she'd find a vague connection to the way he spoke her name. Beautiful, almost reverent.

Kathryn had a new found enthusiasm for everything. Work wasn't any less stressful than it used to be but she loved it simply because of the off chance that they might get to work together on something. He might get the same shift as her and she'd have the luxury of sitting next to him on the bridge for hours. Maybe even an intimate setting in her ready room.

The shifts on the bridge were the best though - torturous yet wonderful at the same time. Constantly throwing glances at each other, wondering who would catch the other staring first. Sharing an unspoken joke about something or just smiling for no other reason than being in each other's company.

Not being able to touch each other without giving themselves away but then touching each other anyway. She was a very 'hands on' Captain in any case, but with Chakotay she was creating new records of tactile sensation.

Publicly enduring the looks and knowing expressions of the senior staff whenever they were on the bridge because they secretly loved the reaction they caused.

She was too involved in their relationship at this point that she didn't realise how odd it was that she didn't get the slightest bit bored when she worked now. The truth was, of course, that she wasn't working. She'd start to work but then she'd begin thinking of Chakotay again and wouldn't get anything done. Tuvok had been holding a lot of responsibility for a while now because although he didn't express them he had a good understanding of emotions. He knew this phase would pass soon and the Captain and Commander would not be as distracted as they were now.

Kathryn knew none of this. All she knew was that every day was a joyous one. It was impossible to tell where one day ended and another begun but yet she could remember everything she did with Chakotay. Slight smiles, little touches, private comments.

Her enthusiasm had spread into every faucet of her life. She'd taken up painting again after almost a year of always 'having something else to do'. For the first time she found herself painting of home without feelings of regret and sadness.

She dragged out her old holoprogramme which she had long given up on, but this time she invited Chakotay to participate in the role of Lord Burleigh. She'd often thought that character had been missing something (aside from a good shave) and when she first saw Chakotay in the outfit she realised what it was that he'd needed - a tattoo. That proved just how long she'd been falling for her First Officer.

Of course, she and Chakotay had their own interpretation of how the programme should end. The first time they'd completed it it had ended with a frustrated Chakotay yelling and laughing his way through trying to get her out of "that ridiculous outfit!" She found the whole situation hilarious. The dress had about seven layers and watching him trying to get her out of it was very amusing.

He in turn had helped her stay in touch with her spirit guide. Not since the first time he'd introduced the idea to her had she attempted to do so again, her excuse being that she didn't have enough time. The fact was she knew that her spirit guide was going to make her face some hard truths and the idea that the little lizard was going to be shaming her was frankly disturbing and not something she particularly wanted to deal with.

Now she was facing up to the challenge. Kathryn Janeway didn't back down from anything and she wasn't going to start now. If there's one thing that her depression after her father's death had taught her, it was that life was not to be wasted. She'd forgotten that hard-earned lesson for a while - but she'd learned it again.

She'd even (God, what was wrong with her?) started cooking. Even more bizarrely she enjoyed it. She wasn't particularly good at it yet, but that didn't matter. Kathryn started seeing it as something to be enjoyed and appreciated, not something to view as a chore.

In fact, that was the rule she lived her life by at the moment. of them.

1) Don't view anything as a chore. Appreciate what you have to do.

2) Life is for the living.

3) Touch Chakotay at every available opportunity. It there aren't any available opportunities then make some.

Yes, these three wonderful rules had certainly lead to a more satisfying life of late.


The bristles of the brush spread as she moved it across the canvas, leaving a wet trail of blue paint behind. Pausing for a moment, she tipped the handle toward her mouth and sucked on the end as she leant her head to one side to consider the painting.

The warm body behind her shook slightly in laughter. Frowning, she removed the handle and turned her head towards him.

They were sitting on the floor in her quarters, he leaning against the chair and she sitting between his legs.

"What are you laughing at?"

Grinning, Chakotay wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, looking into her eyes. "You look really cute when you do that."

Raising a sceptical eyebrow at him, she tried to keep her smile under control but failed. "Cute is irrelevant Commander," she told him, before turning back toward the painting, her arm once again outstretched with the brush.

He kissed the side of her neck.

Surprised, she gasped and dropped the brush and tried to ignore his hands as they moved up to her breasts.

Pulling away from him, she crawled forward slightly to pick up the brush. "Oh now look what you've done Chakotay. I'll have to clean this paint off the carpet. I hope you're happy."

"Oh I'm very happy right now Kathryn."

She turned her head to face him, and saw that he was looking at her rear which was no longer covered by the towel she was wearing. She shook her head slightly and chuckled, tendrils of her still damp hair clinging to her face. Contemplating her reply (something along the lines of "Do you like seeing me on my hands and knees?") she instead sat back again. She really needed to get this painting finished.

Beginning again, she dipped the edge of the bristles into the small palete on her right and then dabbed slightly at the canvas. His left arm sneaked around her waist again as she felt his other touching her right shoulder. Slowly, torturously, his hand made its way along her arm. Barely grazing her skin, his fingers lightly caressed her, causing goose bumps to pebble and appear.

Kathryn almost sighed in relief as his left hand moved away from her stomach. Her back became erect when instead his hand slid down her side and under the towel. Her stomach contracted as his hand passed over the bare skin and up towards its target. She started singing in her mind to try and keep her concentration as he touched her breast.

#Mares eat oats and does eat oats#

Her nipple hardened in response to his touch. She bit on her lip and continued painting.

#And little lambs eat ivy...#

His right hand had moved all the way along her arm now, and he maintained a light grip on the back of her hand, following it wherever she pulled the brush.

#A kid'll eat ivy too#

Her breasts seemed hypersensitive to his touch. The slightest contact with his hand and the feeling would roll through her body, the sensation in her stomach growing.

#Wouldn't you?#

Withdrawing his right hand from hers, she felt a pang of regret that she soon shoved aside when she saw him rub his fingertips over the paint palete. Moving the hand back to her body, he placed that one too under the towel.

#Mares eat oats and does eat oats#

She couldn't help but gasp when he rubbed the cold paint over her pebbled right nipple. Arching against him slightly, she fought to keep her eyes open.

#And little lambs eat ivy...#

With both hands caressing her breasts now, Kathryn dimly released that she was still painting. Or at least attempting to. Her eyes fixed on the picture in front of her and she noticed that her supposedly green grass now had blue streaks all over it.

#A kid'll eat ivy too-oh damn it!#

Giving up the pretense of painting, she threw the brush to the ground and reached to open the towel. It fell away and she placed her hands on top of his as they moved. He pulled away from her left breast and she mumbled a protest, but then a small smile tugged at her lips when she realised his intent.

Lazily, deliberately, he danced his fingertips over her stomach and lower still. Kathryn raised her knees and spread them apart slightly, knowing and wanting what was to come. His hand hovered around her as the other continued its ministrations on her breast.

"Don't make me beg," she whispered.

It was all he needed. Sliding one finger slowly into her, he listened at her gasp, still in wonder that he had Kathryn in his arms.

She moved restlessly against him, so he increased his efforts adding more friction on her clitoris. Her hips moved against his hand and she began whimpering. Her left hand clutched onto his forearm. Not guiding, just holding. Needing to ground herself.

Control, always control.

He couldn't allow that.

Chakotay stepped up the pace, adding another finger. She was arching against him fully now, her head flung back as far as it could go. She began to contract around him. So close. So very close.

"Please," she managed to whisper and he paused his movements "I want you on me. I want your mouth on me."

Quickly removing his hands and turning her around, he looked into her eyes. They were heavy lidded, but she knew what she wanted. Laying her gently on the ground he kissed her on the lips before kissing his way down her body. Her neck, her breasts, her stomach. She shuddered each time his lips touched her body, and he could hear the heavy breath she released as he kissed her gently on the clitoris.


Taken away by the desire in her voice, he complied, lapping and pulling at her. He was concerned that he might hurt her but she kept demanding for more. It didn't take long for her to reach the edge, and when she did he sat up to watch the expression on her face.

So beautiful.

She lay on the floor, naked, breathing heavily with her head tilted to one side.

Drowsily she opened her eyes and smiled at him. He smiled back.

He wasn't quite sure what happened next but suddenly he found himself thrown back against the chair with Kathryn on top of him. She grinned down at him in an almost feral way. Reaching down, she took hold of him and guided him in. Her eyes closed in concentration as she lowered herself down and she rested her forehead against his.

They sat in silence for a few moments, letting their bodies adjust and absorbing the feeling. It was an amazing sensation, to actually feel what it was like inside her. His left hand rested on her hip, but his other encountered something else.

He looked down.

He grinned.

Her paintbrush.

Chakotay looked back at her face to see that her eyes where now open and where staring at the same object.

They looked at each other, then back at the paintbrush.

Both made a grab for it at the same time, but Chakotay's hand was closer.

"Hmm...I think I could find some uses for this."

She purred at him demurely. "Ah, but Chakotay. You must realise that *I'm* the painter in this relationship."

He held it out of her reach. "If you want it, you're going to have to get it."

Needing no further encouragement, Kathryn didn't make a move for the brush. Instead she leant down and placed her mouth over his nipple. At the same time she contracted her inner muscles.

His head nearly exploded.

The paintbrush fell to the carpet again, but neither of them noticed...until later.


What kind of sadist was beeping to get into her quarters?

Kathryn nearly mumbled to herself as she fell out of bed and pulled on her robe. Rubbing sleep from her eyes she glanced at the chronometer and was surprised to see that it was still relatively early. She glanced back to Chakotay, who was snoring softly.

She smiled fondly.

Tying her robe up, she moved toward the entrance to her quarters and called for whoever it was to enter. Tom Paris stepped in, padd in hand.

"Here's that report you wanted Capta-..." his words grew quieter the longer he spoke.

Paranoid, Kathryn glanced down to make sure the robe was tied. Yes, it was.

"Thank you Lieutenant." she replied, taking the report.

He seemed to be barely containing a smile as he left.

What the hell had that been about? Kathryn walked back towards her bedroom again, but paused when she passed the mirror. Ah. That might explain it. While the robe was fairly modest, it did display *some* cleavage. And on that cleavage was painted several colours that clearly went further down than was shown.

Oh God, it would be all over the ship by tomorrow!

Well, there was only one thing that could be done now.

Turning back into the other room, she picked up what she needed and retreated to the bedroom.


Chakotay was woken by Kathryn straddling him. Blinking, he looked up at her. She was naked. In one hand she held the paintbrush, and in the other she held the palete.

"Oh Chakotay..."

~FINIS...FOR NOW. To be continued in 'Later Days'.