The Make Up Sex Had Better Be Incredible

By Suz

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With a title like that, do you need an explanation?? 

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Kathryn nearly growled as she stomped down the corridor, a talent she'd picked up from visiting B'Elanna too much. Today had not been a good day. It wasn't as if anything 'big' had happened, but it was more that a series of small events were building up and she felt like she had to scream if anything else happened.

So intent was she on getting to her ready room and the coffee that awaited her there, that she didn't see Harry coming around the corner until it was too late. Thumping into each other they both fell to the ground.

Harry looked a bit dazed, but Kathryn had a remark coming out of her lips before she could stop it.

"Ensign, I suggest you pay attention to where you are going!"

Standing quickly and helping her up, Harry stuttered an apology, knowing it hadn't been his fault but buckling under the 'death glare' that his Captain was treating him to.

Kathryn momentarily winced to herself as he scurried off. Great. Now I have guilt and a sore butt to deal with.




Entering the bridge, Kathryn paused long enough just to bark out a request for a report, hear the reply and enter her ready room, leaving the bridge in Chakotay's hands. She didn't look at him through the whole exchange. She couldn't deal with him now.

Ordering a cup of coffee - no sugar, triple the caffeine - Kathryn slumped down into her chair. If she could just relax for a few moments…if she had more time she'd do some sculpting, but she was on duty now after all.

Okay, so she wouldn't sculpt, but would it really be a sin to read the reports later? She eyed the stack of PADDs thoughtfully piled on her desk by some unknown visitor (probably Chakotay). Yes, they could wait until later. Chakotay and Tuvok were always telling her to unwind - she always worked longer hours than she should, maybe this would make up for some of that.

Settling back into her comfortable chair, she placed her cup on her lap, wrapping both hands around it. Slowly the frown that she was sure had been on her forehead since the beginning of the week began to vanish.


Yes, this was right. Relax. She decided that she would contact her spirit guide this evening. Maybe it could help her discover why she'd been so testy late-




The request for entry into her ready room may as well have been a red alert klaxon. Her automatic responses kicked into overdrive and the mug she'd been holding so calmly suddenly went flying across the room, it's dark contents forming an arc in the air until they finally made contact with their targets - namely her lap, the desk, and the ready room carpet.

Her anger returned full-throttle. "Come in!" she yelled, too far gone to care who saw her like this. Not bothering to see who it was (she knew who it would be anyway) she ordered two towels from the replicator.

Grabbing one as soon as it materialised, Kathryn then headed into her private bathroom and ran water on the towel. As she dabbed it on her coffee stained uniform she called out "What can I do for you Commander?"

Clearly her voice must have conveyed her mood because he sounded slightly hesitant when he replied. "Well…under the guise of bringing you these engineering reports I came to see how you were. You've been a bit…upset lately."

Part of her was thrilled that he was concerned about her, but the other part…the angry part…took notice of his last sentence. "Upset?" she asked evenly, trying to keep her voice neutral as she started dabbing at the coffee on her legs.

"Umm...yes." Chakotay replied, obviously wondering if he had gone too far.

Giving up on her uniform, Kathryn entered her ready room again ready to give him a good dressing down…when she saw what he was doing.

His brow was furrowed in concentration as he moved slowly backward and forward, careful to do his task correctly. He seemed nervous - this was something he didn't want her to see him doing, but he was doing it anyway.

Creeping backward before he saw her, Kathryn returned to her bathroom. She didn't know why she found his actions so troubling. It was evident how he felt about her, but they'd been at odds since the incident with the Borg. She'd noticed that he'd been careful not to do anything like that when she was around now. He used to all the time, and she had to admit she missed it. Gods, Kathryn. It does your ego good doesn't it? Seeing him do something like that for you.


Well, yes.


She realised she hadn't spoken and he was no doubt waiting for a reply. "Well thank you for your concern Commander," she informed him harshly "but I assure you I am quite fine. Now would you please leave my ready room?"

"Aye Captain." His voice answered, and after a few moments delay she heard the doors swish open and close.

Back flat against the wall, Kathryn risked a peek around the corner. Good. He was gone. Feeling like an idiot for acting so childishly, she placed the towel in the replicator and turned around as it vanished.

She examined his handiwork. What would she say to him the next time she saw him? Just a thank you? They hardly spoke at all anymore. Maybe she should just say nothing.

Oh this was ridiculous! They had to set an example for the rest of the crew - how was their continued hostility eventually going to affect them? Eventually. Hah. They already know.

Ignoring that particular thought, she summoned Chakotay to her ready room. This had to be dealt with.

The door beeped and she beckoned him in. He looked quite uncertain about himself, and Kathryn was both giddy and ashamed of the affect she had on him.

"Commander, I would like to thank you for…cleaning my desk."

His eyebrows rose fractionally. "You're welcome Captain." Why did he never call her Kathryn anymore? "Was that all?"

Kathryn could feel her fury building up again. That was it? That was all he was going to say? He wasn't going to pry into her personal life, figure out what was bothering her? She was even more angry at him now than she would have been if he had tried that.

"Yes Commander. That's all." She replied tersely.

Nodding, he turned toward the exit but he mumbled something.

"Pardon Commander? What was that?"

He froze, his body language instantly telling her that he hadn't meant to say whatever it was out loud. Never one to lie, he almost regretfully turned back to face her. "I said, 'maybe it's the caffeine'."

She moved in front of her desk with her hands on her hips. "And just what does that imply?"

Chakotay's eyes were as hard as hers now. "That maybe the caffeine is responsible for the bad mood you've been in lately. You drink far too much of it."

Her mouth opened angrily. "I do not." She hissed.

"Really? Computer, how many cups of coffee has Captain Janeway ordered today?"

"Belay that order!" she shouted, not caring if everyone on the bridge heard her.

He wasn't smiling at her reaction, but his eyes twinkled with internal laughter.

Furious, she took a deep breath and drew herself up to her full height. "Commander. I am well aware of how much caffeine I drink, and it has nothing to do with my emotional state at any time." As if to prove her point, she went to the replicator and ordered another cup. Placing it on the table defiantly, she hated herself for the uncaptain-like behaviour, but some twisted part of her wanted this conflict.

His face never wavered. "I apologise for looking out for your health Captain. I'll be sure to ignore any queries I may have about it in the future."

That was all she could take. Her control was severed.

Before she realised what she doing, her hand had already reached for the cup on the table in front of her. Grabbing it, she watched as it moved up and forward at such a speed that the coffee was now covering her First Officer.

Chakotay blinked at her in amazement through the coffee. Small drips fell off his face and onto his uniform, making the already stained clothing even messier.

Kathryn was mortified by what she had down. Her right hand rose to cover her mouth, but when she realised what she was doing she stopped herself. Show no weakness.

It was working. Chakotay was absolutely furious, the anger that lay normally untapped beneath the surface starting to bubble over. "Captain, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Hardly respectful words for your superior officer, but she deserved it.

Dammit, didn’t the man know what he was doing? By refusing to use her first name he was just making her angrier. "Just trying to teach you some manners Commander. Dismissed." She turned away and sat in her chair.

Dismissed? Dismissed?! She was not getting out of this one. "With respect Captain, I believe I am owed an apology."

Her jaw clenched as she walked around the table to face him, her arms held stiffly behind her back. He wanted an apology.

He continued talking. "Since I have entered your ready room I have enquired on how you are feeling, cleaned you table and been concerned about your health. Frankly I don't think my actions justify what just happened."

He was right of course, but Kathryn couldn't break out of her anger. She gave the only reply she could have without losing it. "Dismissed."

Finally Chakotay's anger unleashed itself. Quickly moving forward he had her trapped between him and the desk before she had time to escape. The next thing she knew he was kissing her.

How dare he! How dare he do this to me…and…oh my…

Kissing each other forcefully, they fell onto the table. Her portable screen got knocked off, and the coffee was pushed off so hard that its contents covered them before thunking against the wall that separated the ready room from the bridge.

Only the clothes that were in the way were quickly removed, and he entered her roughly, both gasping as he did so. "You are so stubborn." He whispered.

"I am so angry at you." She moaned back, revelling in the delicious feeling that was starting in the pit of her stomach. She clenched herself around him, and laughed at his large intake of breath at the sensation.

He made her pay for that one as she knew he would. Pausing their movements, he adjusted them until she was sitting just on the edge on the table. He pulled himself nearly all the way out, then plunged back and at the same time his right hand moved down between them to her clitoris.

She yelped as he repeated the movement. One, twice, three times. On the fourth she managed to sit herself up and wrap her legs around him. Tugging him down towards the table she whispered frantically "Please."

At her urging he increased the pace, caressing her as he did so. Finally his efforts paid off as she came and he emptied himself into her.

Panting on the table, they were uncomfortable but couldn't move. She moved slightly to lick some of the coffee from his face.

"I think this is taking your caffeine addiction to new levels." He told her, still trying to catch his breath.

"Are you deliberately trying to provoke me?" she asked suspiciously, one wonderful eyebrow arched.