No Talking

By Suz

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"No wait, I know this one." Kathryn insisted.

Chakotay's frank gaze clearly indicated that he didn't believe her.

"Don’t use that look with me mister, I do know the answer to this one."

He raised his eyebrows sarcastically (how does he do that?) as if to say prove it.

Kathryn remained silent, willing herself not to throttle him. Dammit she did know the answer to this. It seemed so familiar put she couldn't quite place it. Almost like when she was trying to recall a dream. "Do it again." She finally ordered.

Chakotay sighed far louder than was necessary, determined to get a smile out of her. He repeated the ridiculous actions silently and slowly, trying to give her an extra edge.

She appreciated his help but it was getting annoying. "So let me get this straight. Two words."

He nodded.

"A book."

He nodded again.

"First word has two syllables and the second has one."

At her silent look of exasperation he performed the movement one more time, and she suddenly realised how…silly it looked. Why hadn't she noticed before? Unable to help herself, she smiled and then soon began laughing.

Clearly not appreciating being laughed at, the expression on his face was one that she would cherish for a long time, if only she could stop laughing. Giggling again, she sat back in her chair clasping her hands over her mouth and nose, her eyes scrunched together as she tried to regain some control.

Chakotay for his part was about to ask her what she found so funny when she managed to look at him and suddenly stood, her giggles evaporating. "No way. You know the rules - no talking until I solve it or until I give up. The latter isn't likely to happen so you'll just have to stay quiet until I figure it out."

His eyes rolled as he decided to be as expressive with his face as he could be. It was his only means of communication at the moment. Besides, he wanted to know what she found so funny.


At his blank look she continued speaking. "As to why I was laughing."

He grinned slightly, not the 'oh-my-god-he's-using-the-killer-smile-that-turns-me-to-jelly' smile, but it still made her shiver. At least he wasn't fully using the dimples. She'd have had no hope of salvation.

"Okay, repeat the actions one more time and really think about what you're doing. Try and look at it from my perspective."

Frowning, he nonetheless performed the actions yet again. Halfway through he suddenly realised how…silly he must look. Smiling broadly he looked up at her and began to start laughing, blushing slightly.

She immediately moved forward and placed a finger on his lips, silencing the laughter. "No talking, remember?"

Bewildered he nodded and watched in amazement as she leant forward to kiss him. Both were gentle at first. They'd kissed a few times before but they'd always been chaste friendly 'I had a nice time' kisses. They had perhaps had held a small promise of something more, but they had never overtly suggested it. Why tonight was different he wasn't sure - although it was a good bet it had to do with the letter she'd received from Mark. They hadn't really discussed it since the night of Neelix's party, and that had been two months ago.

She had been distracted for a while though. On duty she was just the same as always, but after work ended he'd often find her sitting somewhere (the mess hall, the hydroponics bay, even her ready room) deeply in thought. Each time he'd had to wave his hand in front of her eyes to get her attention, and each time she'd looked rather flustered when she realised who it was. Because of her reactions he wondered if she'd been thinking about him, but he really didn't want to get his hopes up that high. But a small part of him wondered. Maybe it had been right.

He returned his full attention to the kiss, which was rapidly escalating from gentle to extremely passionate. She raised her hands and pulled his head down further to get better access to his mouth. Their tongues met eagerly and he pulled her tighter, closer, until she was almost a part of him.

Kathryn broke the kiss to take a much-needed breath and though he wanted to continue he took the opportunity to examine her face. Her lips were red and moist from his kisses and he felt himself harden even more. And those eyes. Those gorgeous blue-grey eyes. They held such infinite wonder and promises. He could see in her eyes how unsure she was. She wasn't afraid of making love, no, she was afraid of what would come afterwards. He wanted to speak to her to reassure her that everything would still be alright after this, then remembered what she had said.

No talking.

When she'd said it the first time it had been part of the game. Teasing, loving, laughing. But the second time it had held something more. A request she had been making. It was important to her that he remain silent. He wasn't sure why yet, but he promised himself that he would find out. After.

She tugged at his arm, pulling him toward the bedroom. They quickly removed their clothes, both too eager to prolong it for much longer. Laying down on the bed, she watched his eyes travel over her, revelling in the pure desire she saw in his face. He grinned then. The full-throttle grin. The one that had made Jenna Delaney pass out, at least according to B'Elanna. Kathryn was not immune either, and she growled as she pulled him down and them pushed him onto his back.

A little surprised by her exuberance Chakotay blinked a few times before forgetting about it as she leant down to kiss him again. Their mouths met again as she slowly lowered herself onto him. Groaning into each others mouths, they began to move slowly. It had been a long time for both of them.

As the rhythm increased he wanted to shout her name. Kathryn. My wonderful, beautiful Kathryn. But he held back. He had to do this for her. All other rational thought fled as they came closer and closer. He could feel her around him, surrounding him. She was so fragrant, so perfect.

She gasped every time he moved inside her. It had been so long, so very long. In the truest sense of the words maybe she had never 'made love' until now. His glorious body moved beneath her and she increased the pace.

What was left of his control finally snapped and he poured himself into her, shouting as he did so. He knew she would forgive him the transgression. How could she not?

Kathryn held him as he shuddered, his loss of control urging hers on until she too found completion and cried out his name.

She lay on top of him panting, heaving great breaths. Leaning down she kissed him gently on both eyelids. "Thank you." She whispered and waited for his reaction. He opened his eyes which contained a small sliver of amusement. "Oh, you can talk now."

He laughed then, and she giggled along with him. "There's no need to thank me."

"But there is." She informed him, idly running her fingers over his face. "Not just for that - although that was wonderful." She grinned slyly, then turned serious. "I want to thank you for doing it my way the first time. I know it wasn't exactly what you wanted, but I-" This time it was her turn to be quiet as he placed a finger on her lips.

"No. Don't ever apologise for it. You've given me so much more than I ever hoped for. Although I do think turnabout is fair play…"

"Oh really?" she asked, staring into those deep brown eyes.

"Yes." He answered, already moving his hands to her breasts.

She shuddered and gasped but he tutted at her. "Now come on Kathryn. No talking."




They made love twice more that night. Once for him and once for both of them.

Later, when they were laying in each others arms, Kathryn finally asked him what book he had been trying to describe.

He began laughing (they seemed to laugh a lot that night) and didn't stop for a good five minutes. When he finally calmed himself enough he finally blurted it out.

"Moby Dick."