Vengeance of Heaven - Smile
by Suz

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Well, this is it folks. Not very long, but this is the end of the Vengeance of Heaven.

Thanks to everyone who bugged me.

Several days after 'Necessary'.


Her quarters were shrouded in darkness when she entered, which was not a big surprise. He was sitting on one end of her sofa, which was not a big surprise. He appeared to be dressed entirely in black clothing.

Which was a little unusual.

"I didn't expect you to find anyone to carry the child," Chakotay began softly as Kathryn remained standing. "I had quite the heated discussion with B'Elanna about it, honestly believing that no one would be *stupid* enough to take up your offer. Stands to reason that it would be a member of my crew."

"They're a part of my crew now. They have been for-"

"I know how long they've been here Kathryn." He remained on the sofa, unmoving. "Did she hesitate, at all?"


"Does she particularly want a child?"


"I see. Then why did she agree?"

She casually rested her right hand on her hip. "Nicoletti she couldn't say no. And it didn't hurt at all that you were the father. I think she has quite the thing for you." She chuckled lightly.

"She felt obligated, simply because you're her Captain."


He shook his head. "Then her time in the Maquis was squandered, wasted. She never should have joined us."

"Oh, I don't know if I'd agree with that," Kathryn said, sauntering a few steps closer, trying to look at him. "From what I understand she saved all your lives countless times over. If she hadn't been there you...B'Elanna...Tuvok...even all could have been killed a long time ago."

A short, loud bark of laughter escaped him. "I've spent enough time wishing the past were different, Kathryn. I'd made a vow not to continue to do so. Don't make me break it."


He stood then, and his appearance actually stopped the rest of her sentence from being formed. Recovering, she shook her head. "What the *hell* are you doing?"

Holding out his arms at a forty-five degree angle, putting himself on display, he looked down at the clothes he was wearing. The dark uniform of a Devore inspector fit him snugly. "Oh don't tell me this is a surprise, Kathryn. We both know this is what you've wanted - the best of both worlds. Someone who can whisper sweet endearments in your ear when you need to be comforted, and someone who can fuck you against the wall until your throat is raw from screaming."

His expression was one of smug superiority, something she had never expected to see. She held up a hand. "Do you really think this is going to work, Chakotay?"

Rapidly moving forward, he grabbed her chin with one gloved hand. "When we are alone, *you* will refer to me as 'Inspector', understand?"

She slapped and pulled at his arm ineffectively.

His grip tightened. "Understand?"

A wicked, calculated grin spread across her face. "Absolutely."

Kathryn promptly kneed him in the groin.

Instantly releasing his grip he fell to the floor, hands covering his groin.

"Happy now, Inspector?" She asked, then headed for the door. Which remained shut. "Computer: open the door."

No response.

"Janeway to Tuvok."

"You won't get any response," He gasped, still on the floor, still in agony.

"What did you do?" She growled, pounding towards him then dropping to her knees and grabbing him by the shoulders.

"You'd be surprised the things you learn in the Maquis," He chuckled, then winced again. "There was no need to knee me quite so harshly."

"Well if you hadn't been spouting that 'Inspector' crap..."

He looked back at her. "Inspector crap? What else was I supposed to do? You left me no choice."

She laughed. "No choice? Surely you could have come up with a better way of..." Kathryn's words faded into oblivion as she watched the pain on his face transform into a smirk. She barely had time to realise what had happened when he moved and had both her hands trapped behind her back. "You bastard!" She yelled, futily struggling against his hold. "You were acting the whole time, you son of a bitch!"

"Of course I was," He replied calmly, almost pleasantly. "You don't really think that I'd leave that particular area of my anatomy open to attack, do you?" Chakotay sighed deliberately at her closeness. "I do so love the way you smell."

Shaking the hair out of her eyes, Kathryn glared at him. "That almost sounded like an endearment, Inspector."

"Like I said, Kathryn. The best of both worlds."

The glare softened slightly - only slightly - as she spoke. "The Doctor has already performed the surgery. I'm no longer carrying our child."

It was a genuine surprise to him, that was obvious. He released his hold on her instantly and sat away from her on the floor. He stared at the carpet for some time, forehead creased.

"B'Elanna was right, you know," Chakotay told her eventually. "This was never about the child."

"I know," She agreed softly, regarding him almost fondly. "That was unfortunate happenstance."

Pushing away, he lay down on his back with his hands by his head. "I cannot believe you're referring to a life form as an unfortunate happenstance."

"It wasn't alive Chakotay. It was just a collection of-"

"Don't. Don't get me started on that argument again." Sighing, he stared at the ceiling. "You're not bluffing, are you? You're not bullshitting me. This is the truth."

"Yes," Kathryn stated firmly.

"Shit," He responded, rubbing a gloved hand over his face.

Enjoying the play of light across his outfit, she crawled towards him. Settling next to his head, she smiled down at him. "You is definitely your colour."

"Fashion advice from Kathryn Janeway? May the spirits help me."

Touching the side of his face, she looked at his eyes. "You're tired."

He snorted. "I haven't been sleeping well."

Her hand rested on his forehead. "Get some rest. You can whisper endearments in my ear and screw me against the wall later. Inspector," She added, enjoying the way the smile appeared on his face.

Chakotay's body relaxed and his eyes closed. "Until your throat is raw from screaming," He continued for her.

"Until then," She agreed.

He nodded slowly, once, and shortly after his breathing had changed to long, deep, exhalations.

Silently, she kept a vigil over him, absently playing with his hair as she considered the multitude of ways she could torture him - physically and psychologically - when he woke.

A smile touched her lips.


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