More than I expected.

'Do No 1:

The 'Really Early' 'Do.

Kes goes where just about every other Starfleet Captain has gone before. But at a much younger age.

'Do No 2:

The 'Almost Longer Than Janeway's' 'Do.

I kind of like this one. Long hair but in good condition. Shame she cut it all off really and swapped it for...

'Do No 3:

The 'Puffy' 'do.

Kes' season one do was quite a bit higher than gravity dictated. It just didn't look right, and was thankfully replaced later with her...

'Do No 4:

The 'That's Much Better' 'Do:

The bleached blonde is replaced for a thankfully much more natural look.

'Do No 5:

The 'Kes Goes Overboard For Halloween' 'Do:

Man. It's no wonder Tom fell in love with B'Elanna after seeing this.

'Do No 6:

The 'Grow More Hair In One Week' 'Do.

I think the only explaination for this one is that the Doctor stimulated her hair folicules, a la Seven.

'Do No 7:

The 'Well They All Have To Have A Bob At Some Time' 'Do.

Well she has pretty good hair for someone of her relative age. In fact it's better than mine is now. Grrr.