Chakotay - Prixin, Part 2

Jenny returned to her quarters, a smile on her face and a bounce in her steps. She had asked Chakotay to Video night on a whim and son of a gun if he hadn't accepted! Ooooohhhhhh, life was good! She sent a message to Megan then splurged on a bath. While in the tub she went through every outfit in her and Megan's closet. She had seen the approving appraisal that Chakotay had given her. Soft and feminine it was. She selected an outfit and dug through Megan's closet for a pair of sandels. She then went to bed. Being tired tonight was not an option.

That afternoon she was awakened by her sister dropping onto the end of her bed.

"Tell me you sent that message."

"What message?" She said groggily.

"The one that said; fudge, vids Chakotay!"

"I sent it." "Well... this morning I had an encounter with the Commander while I was working on Joe. Who by the way is going to help me tell the story. Any way, I reminded Joe about the Vid's and Commander Chakotay made a crack about dubious behaviors and the next thing I know... I've told him about the video's and the pot and almost passed out."

"Passed out? what the hell happened?"

Jenny explained what had happened then stretching asked "What's the video's tonight?"

"Sleepless in Seattle and Aliens 3"

"Great, love and bugs, oh well, It will have to do."



"You didn't really tell him that you couldn't call him by name, did you?"

"Sure as hell did. The look on his face was priceless."


"Exactly, I hope the Captain decides what she wants. That man is in need of some TLC."

"Maybe she'll let him go and you can pick up the peices."

"Maybe she will. I wonder if he's ever made love in low-g?"


"Well, it doesn't hurt to wonder does it?"

Both women got ready and went to set up confrence room 2. At 1920 Chakotay walked into confrence room 2. there were about thirty people milling around. The tables were suspended by antigrav units to provide more space. There were chairs and pillows scattered about. In the back of the room was a table set up with all the makings for hot fudge sundaes.

"Good evening Commander." Said Jenny as she walked toward him. "Welcome to the bi weekly Eat and Vid. Glad you could make it."

"Thank you for inviting me."

"Glad you could come, sir. Find someplace to sit and make yourself comfortable."

"Jen?" Called Megan from the back of the room. "Can you help with the thermal unit? It's acting up again."

"Excuse me Commander. I have to go rescue the hot fudge." She moved away from him with a smile. His eyes followed her across the room. She smiled and joked as she made her way across the crowded room. She hurdled a couple near the back of the room, laughing as the young man pulled the woman close and told Jenny that she would die if she landed on them.

"Who's gonna kill me Steve, you? I think not. Not unless you have spent a lot more time on the phaser range than you have with Carol. I've beat you on the range for the last three years and I'll beat you the next three."

Chakotay chuckled at the brash retort. So she was good with a phaser. What else could she do he wondered. He of course had heard of her sexual exploits, but now he found himself wondering at their validity. He found a couple of seats together and settled in.

Jenny appreared a few minutes later with a hot fudge sundae. "I forgot to tell you to help yourself. Next time you need to just dig in or you will go without."

He noticed that she didn't have a sundae. "Aren't you eating?"

"No sir. Megan and I made the fudge and helped with the ice cream. When I cook I sample so I've had more than my share."

"Lt. I thought that there was no rank tonight. Will you please drop the sir?"

Turning to him she smiled and shrugged. "Sorry, Hi my name is Jenny." She said holding out her hand. "And It's my fault this party happens every two weeks."

He took her hand in his and noted how small it seemed in his. "Hello, I'm Chakotay. Pleased to meet you, Jenny. Thank you for inviting me."

"Hey Jen?" called Joe from across the room. "Love or bugs first?"

"Bugs. That way you lower life forms can leave us in peace for a little romance."

Chakotay leanded closer and asked. "Love or bugs?"

"We have two videos tonight. One a Alien show and the other a romance. I know that Joe and most of the guys have early duty tomorrow. So it's bugs first. Those of us who crave romance can wait it out."

The lights dimmed and the video started she sat for a few minutes then excused herself. She went to the back of the room and began to clear away the mess. She left with a cart full of dishes and returned about 45 minutes later with popcorn, fruit and drinks. She returned to her seat and offered Chakotay some popcorn. She was up and down making sure that everyone had what they needed. When the video was over she joked with those leaving reminding everyone to contribute to the pot and to put in their requests for the next video and treat.

When the next video started she returned to the back of the room and began to clear away the remaining mess.

"Jenny, aren't you going to watch the show?" Asked Chakotay in a low voice as he walked up to her side. She jumped at his voice.

"Oh sorry, I didn't expect anyone to talk to me right now. No I'm not going to watch. I've seen it so, I offered to deal with the mess. As soon as I'm through here I'll join you."

"What if I help you afterwards and you watch the show with me?" As he spoke he took her hand and guided her back to their seats. He slowly released her hand and settled in to watch the video.

When the video ended she was on her feet in an instant again reminding everyone to contribute to the pot. A few people stayed to help clean up and in a short time the room was back in order and a small cart was loaded with the last of the dishes. Jenny and Chakotay took the cart to the mess hall. They unloaded the cart and put the leftovers away.

"Would you like something cold to drink Commander?" She called over her shoulder from the cooling unit.

He walked up behind her and as she stood he turned her to him. "You know, I haven't heard you call me by name all evening. Have I done something to offend you?"

"I'm sorry, Comm... Chakotay. It hard to go against regulations. You're the first senior officer that has joined us. I guess it will just take some time to get used to."

"You seem so at ease with everyone tonight I was sure I'd done something to upset you."

"You haven't done a thing. I just have a hard time opening up to people unless I know them and they know me."

They talked for a while and slowly made there way to the turbo lift. Chakotay offered to walk her to her quarters.

"No thank you, I'm sure if anyone saw us together anywhere near my quarters the rumor mill would go to warp. I don't need that added to my reputation and you sure don't need it added to yours."

Her frankness surprised him. "Jenny?" he asked holding the lift door open on her deck. "Is the reputation deserved?"

She stopped and looked past him. In a moment she looked at him and answered in a low voice. "Probably at one time it was more than deserved. Now well...I guess that I've grown up. The counseling helped. Voyager was suppose to be a new start for me and in a way it has been. Some rumors die hard and some people can't help but tell tales. Good night Chakotay." She said in almost a whisper to prevent anyone from hearing her except him.

"Good night Jenny." He said in his normal voice. "I had fun tonight, thank you again."

The next two days passed with Jenny making sure that the Commander only saw her in passing. Until she knew what the Captain wanted, he was a taken man and she didn't what to be put in a position of being seen with him.

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