Hairstyles are irrelevant.

'Do No 1:

The 'Trek Captain' 'do.

Yup, even the Borg get in on the bald act. Unsurprising really. They probably assimilated the idea from someone.

'Do No 2:

The 'Woah That Grew Faster Than Kes' 'do.

We see her in one scene, completely bald. The next time we see her, she has a full head of hair. *Has* to be a new record. Of what I'm not quite sure. Hair growth?

'Do No 3:

The 'Slightly Ruffled' 'do.

Not quite as good as Janeway for carrying it off, but not bad...

'Do No 4:

The 'Lounge Singer' 'do.

Ahhh...unrestrained. Must feel nice for once.

'Do No 5:

The 'Pony Tail' 'do.

Taking a page from Janeway's book (or at least her hairdo mag), Seven retreats to familiar ground.

'Do No 6:

The 'Oh My God Her Hair Isn't Immaculate??' 'do.

Gawd, for once the unflappable former-Borg is having a bit of a hair crisis. That's not to say it looks bad. Just...untidy.