Scenes From The Class Struggle In Beverly Hills

Cover Blurb

'It isn't what you do, it's who you do it to...they're doing it!'

Two mishievous housemen unleash the passion and peccadillos of their idle, attractive available women employers in this wickedly funny contemporary "restoration comedy". This film, directed by Paul Bartel , stars Jacqueline Bisset as Clare Lipkin, a nearly forgotten sitcom queen perched in Beverly Hills whose husband has just died "in the saddle" and is determined to kick her life and career into high gear. So sit back for a riot of affluent debauchery!


Jacqueline Bisset

Ray Sharkey

Mary Woronov

Robert Beltran

Ed Begley Jr

Wallace Shawn

Arnetia Walker

Paul Bartel

and Paul Mazursky as Sidney


Story by

Paul Bartel and Bruce Wagner

Screenplay by

Bruce Wagner

Produced by

James C Katz

Directed by

Paul Bartel

A Rank Organisation Film, 1989

Rated 18


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Last updated 17th February 1998