Cover Blurb

'Predator and prey.

Locked in a timeless struggle.

Trapped in a deadly game.'

Rediscover the power of the true Western spirit with this remarkable new adventure from Republic Pictures, creators of numerous classic Westerns starring John Wayne and many other gun-slinging Hollywood greats.

SCOTT GLENN, following his starring role in "The Silence Of The Lambs", is once again a lawman (John Cain) in pursuit of a renegade serial killer...only this time the odds are very different.

Cain's quarry is a psychotic Navajo indian who had been rejected by his own tribe following a string of savage murders leaving several victims literally skinned alive. Feared for his 'powers as a skinwalker', the demonic killer is said to be able to use his mystical powers to break into people's minds and steal their very souls.

SHADOWHUNTER - a thrilling modern Western about a chilling ancient evil.


Scott Glenn

Angela Alvarado

Robert Beltran

Benjamin Bratt as "Twobear"


Written by

J S Cardone

Produced by

Carol Kottenbrook and Scott Einbinder

Directed by

J S Cardone

A Republic Pictures film (1994)

Rated 18


Coming soon, I promise!

Last updated 28 March 1998.