season one, episode twenty -
there but for the grace of god


While SG-1 visits a new world through the Stargate, Daniel comes across a room filled with artifacts from dozens of different worlds. No doubt whoever used to live in the now deserted building was a collector of ancient things as he is. Intrigued, he touches an object which glows and causes a mirror he's looking at to shimmer. Reaching out he touches the mirror and...nothing happens.

Returning to join his friends he finds that they've already left without him - "I hate it when this happens." Dialing back to Earth he travels home...only to find himself staring down the barrels of a security team when he arrives in the gate room. Strangest of all, Hammond if in fatigues.

"General?" Daniel asks.

Hammond points out that he doesn't have any stars on his uniform, and Daniel is locked up. There are more differences, and Daniel soon realises he's somehow ended up in an alternate reality. Commander of the SGA (as opposed to SGC) is O'Neill, Carter is still a Doctor but not a Captain, Katharine is still working on the Stargate project, and the Daniel Jackson of this reality declined her invitation to work on the Stargate.

They are quick to suspect him but after he tells them things he couldn't possible know otherwise and shows them a video of his SG team that he took on the planet he just came from, they eventually trust him. Their reason for paranoia is understandable - Earth is under attack by the Goa'uld, and already several major cities have been destroyed or taken over. From his last known location, Daniel determines that the Daniel from this world is probably already dead.

In this world they never went to Chulak so Daniel unwittingly gives them the Stargate symbols. O'Neill promptly sends through a bomb, ignoring Daniel's complaints that Chulak is populated by an innocent race. All O'Neill knows is that the Goa'uld use the Jaffa from Chulak to fight their wars.

They ask Daniel to work on a transmission they received some time ago, bearing a warning from the planet he came from. The warning is along the lines of "Beware the destroyers, they come from..." followed by six groups of beeps. Carter has already determined that the six groups of beeps represent six numbers, then Daniel realises they represent Stargate co-ordinates - and he can determine the seventh co-ordinate; the point of origin. If the message is right, those seven Stargate co-ordinates show where the Goa'uld are launching their attack from - the presumed Goa'uld home world.

O'Neill wants to send a bomb through right away but they can't because the Goa'uld keeping opening a wormhole to their Stargate, stopping them from dialling out for at least 38 minutes.

In any case it's a moot point - a war ship has landed on top of Cheyenne mountain and Jaffa troops have started blasting their way in, lead by Teal'c, First Prime to Apophis (with the world's coolest ponytail).

Having realised that the mirror on the other world caused him to switch realities, Daniel asks that when the 38 minutes are over that they use to the Stargate to send him back where the mirror is - he's convinced that what's happening here is soon to happen in his world, and he'd like to save one of them. O'Neill still wants to send the bomb when they can but there's no guarantee it leads to the Goa'uld home world, and even if it does it's too late for them anyway - the troops are moving in.

When O'Neill reluctantly agrees, Daniel tells him to talk to Teal'c to buy some time, as it was the O'Neill from his own world that convinced Teal'c to turn on his God. O'Neill is dubious and is about to set off when Carter hugs him and kisses him goodbye. We learn that in this reality, they're engaged. Daniel's quite surprised.

O'Neill finds Teal'c, talks to him, shows him the footage of the other Teal'c from Daniel's video tape...then makes the mistake of mentioning Teal'c's family, who were killed when O'Neill ordered the bomb through the Stargate to Chulak. O'Neill is promptly killed.

Hammond is killed in a firefight. The Goa'uld wormhole closes, so Katharine begins to activate the Stargate and activates the facility's self-destruct. Sam is captured by a group of Jaffa and begs for her life, telling them she has information about an alternate reality device that Apophis will want to know about. When they're distracted she pulls the pin out of a grenade and takes them all with her.

The Stargate opens, Katharine is killed, and Teal'c fires at Daniel just as he leaps through the Stargate. Teal'c stares after him and listens to the countdown of the self-destruct...boom.

Daniel lands painfully back in the world he came from, his shoulder badly burnt. Finding the mirror he touches it again.

O'Neill, Carter, and Teal'c are on the planet searching for Daniel when they hear him cry out. Rushing into the room they find him lying on the floor next to the mirror, injured. Gasping, he yells "They're coming. They're coming!"



Talk about fun.

In a depressing way. Depressing fun. Yes, it is an oxymoron but it's absolutely true.

Here's why: it's HUGE amounts of fun seeing what they're all like in the alternate reality, and it's incredibly brave of them to kill absolutely everyone we know from that reality. Sure, ultimately their deaths won't effect 'our' world, but the vehicle for those deaths could be just around the corner...

So, let's look at the A/U characters:

O'Neill. Brusque. Much more so than in our reality. Much more like how Kurt Russell portrayed him in the movie. This is definitely the same man who was willing to blow up Abidos. But, there's still the remnants of the Jack will all love there. The affection for Sam, the (albeit wary) willingness to talk to Teal'c. Death by staff cannon.

Carter: Still brilliant, and pretty much the same as she is in our world. The main difference of course is the lack of a rank and her relationship with Jack. Awww. This definitely wasn't a new thing. When they were saying goodbye it wasn't a passionate embrace; it was a comforting, loving hug. Death by self-inflicted grenade (I'll just say here that Sam ROCKS in any universe).

Daniel: Bit of a difference. Dead already.

Teal'c: Still First Prime. Has obviously not really questioned his allegiance to Apophis, although Jack looked like he might be getting somewhere before he made his fatal mistake. Death by SGA self-destruct.

Hammond: Not a general. Death by energy weapon.

Nothing like a nice bit of variety.

Contenders for best scene are: Michael Shanks' delivery of "Oh I hate it when this happens," (I'd hate it too), the moment the viewer realises Jack and Sam are an item, the moment Daniel realises Jack and Sam are an item (a more perfect delivery of a single word has not yet been seen anywhere else), and the last scene: "They're coming!"

But, the ultimate winner goes to Dr Samantha Carter for:

"Oh, and by the way...I would also like to blow us all to hell."



Daniel: "Oh I hate it when this happens."

Daniel: "General?"
AltHammond: "Does this uniform have gold stars on it?"

Daniel: "I think I'm dead."

AltJack: "This is where you all wish me luck."

AltKatharine: "I take it in your reality they're not engaged."
Daniel: "No."

AltSam: "Oh, and by the way...I would also like to blow us all to hell."

Daniel: "They're coming. They're coming!"


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