Okay, so there are no actual reviews up at the moment - but they're coming.

They will be written by myself and my wonderful friend AJ. We're hoping to eventually have every episode reviewed, but as we only have one review actually completed at this time, that may take a while.

We're planning on dissecting the episodes we review; what we loved, what we hated, what could have been done differently or how it was unbelievably brilliant. We're not going to suck up to TPTB, but we *do* love the show - so we mostly find something to like about an episode.

And another thing - if you hadn't figured it out from the rest of this site, I'm a S/Jer, and so is AJ. Naturally, this will be discussed in our reviews, but it will not be the *only* thing discussed. It's only one of many aspects of the show that we love.

In any case, when they arrive we only hope that you'll enjoy them! In the meantime, the episode summaries *are* up.

Closing the iris,