season two

contains spoilers

The Serpent's Lair -
Bra'tac kicks ass! Hammond shows Samuels how it's done, SG-1 are blinded, Sam bites Jack, and Daniel very, very nearly dies (staff weapon wound). Only he doesn't.

In the Line of Duty -
Sam becomes a new woman. Teal'c acknowledges how difficult it is. Daniel comforts that chick from The Waltons.

Prisoners -
Once again Sam enters a boys only club. George gets into BDU's. Daniel nearly dies (strangulation). Only he doesn't.

The Gamekeeper -
Teal'c gets HAIR! And Barclay still seems to be obsessed with those holodecks...

Need -
Jack, Sam and Teal'c get down and dirty. Daniel gets some, turns into EvilDaniel (TM) - and very nearly dies (rockfall...uh, naquadahfall). Only he doesn't.

Thor's Chariot -
Thor! He's too cute!

Message in a Bottle -
Jack gets harpooned. Simmons looooooves Sam. Hammond makes a boo-boo.

Family -
Jack gets a new look. Teal'c gets lucky. SG-1 take part in the second annual Robes 'R Us sale. And hey; Apophis isn't dead.

Secrets -
Jacob has some bad news for Sam. Spender has some bad news for Jack. Kasuf has some bad news for Daniel. Ammounet has some bad news for Apophis. Teal'c wears a funky headpiece.

Bane -
OlderCassie (here playing YoungerSomeoneElse) feeds Teal'c on chocolate bars. Jack steps in something nasty.

The Tok'ra (Part 1) -
Sam is reunited with the man who has the most amazing eyes in the galaxy.

The Tok'ra (Part 2) -
Jack receives a kiss from the woman baddie in that Superman movie.

Spirits -
Jack gets harpooned. Hammond starts flailing his arms around like a madman. Daniel picks up a toilet roll.

Touchstone -
Everywhere they go, SG-1 take the weather with them. Or not.

The Fifth Race -
In the most shocking development yet, Jack becomes smart. Sam guest stars in Lawrence of Arabia.

A Matter of Time -
Jack's hot...uh, old 'friend' turns up. Sam compares gate travel to an apple and a donut, so you just *know* she's way smarter than we are.

Holiday -
Daniel, Teal'c and Jack all become new men. Daniel nearly dies for the first time in a while (trapped inside dying man's body). Only he doesn't.

Serpent's Song -
Sam sees Martouf's nasty side. O'Neill should have shot him. Um...Apophis, not Martouf. Honest.

One False Step -
Daniel's relationship with dogs is somewhat worrying, as is Sam's relationship with her plants. Teal'c discovers white things *can* jump.

Show and Tell -
Gibson Praise brings news of a new enemy; naturally, Jacob turns up to help save the day. Sam bounces a grenade off a table.

1969 -
SG-1 go where no man has gone for quite some time: Woodstock. George gets coloured contact lenses.

Out of Mind -
Believing the rest of SG-1 to be dead, Jack is only slightly relieved when he discovers Sam, naked. Daniel gets a new haircut from the Bowl-Around-The-Head School of Hairdressing. Teal'c makes an early pilgrimige to the Robes 'R Us sale.

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