season four, episode six -
window of opportunity


Visiting an alien world through the Stargate, SG-1 encounter an alien archaeologist who is closely studying an ancient artefact. Whilst they're there, the archaeologist activates the artefact. Large tendrils of electricity emerge from big poles, strike the Stargate and…

Jack is at breakfast with Sam and Daniel, eating his fruit loops. Surprised at his sudden relocation he ignores the question Daniel just asked. He mentions his relocation to the others but they have no idea what he's talking about. At the daily briefing Jack realises all the information Sam is telling them about a new planet is eerily familiar - as far as he knows they've already visited this planet, but the only other one who seems to realise this is Teal'C. The Stargate suddenly makes an un-scheduled activation, so Jack and Teal'C tell them it's going to be SG-12, returning with an injured team member. They're right.

Dr Fraiser goes over Jack and Teal'C but finds nothing amiss. Even so, as long as they don't know what's going on, Hammond postpones their mission to the planet. Sam talks with Jack, asking him if he knows what she's going to say, but he points out that at this point the first time he went through everything they were already on the planet so things are different. She suggests that he and Teal'C have actually travelled back in time rather than remembering future events and then goes off to run some calculations. Jack seems quite morose that she'd rather do that than sit with him.

The Stargate activates - this time unexpected to everyone - and it's surrounded by tendrils of electricity. Hammond comments that he's never seen anything like it before.

"We have," comments Jack, then…

Jack is at breakfast with Sam and Daniel, eating his fruit loops. Blinking his eyes he looks at this watch, looks about, not answering the question Daniel just asked. At the briefing he interrupts just after Sam starts with "We've done this!" Again, Teal'C is the only one who knows what he's talking about. Jack tries to explain what's happening and accurately predicts the return of SG-12 - even if his timing it a little off.

Dr Fraiser goes over Jack and Teal'C but finds nothing amiss. Jack tells Hammond there's no point in postponing the mission because that didn't work last time so they go. Once there they encounter the archaeologist, whom Jack is sure knows something about all this but the archaeologist has no clue. Ultimately, he admits that he DOES know what's going on and he DOES remember as Jack and Teal'C do but it's too late…

Jack is at breakfast with Sam and Daniel, eating his fruit loops.

Before they even start the briefing Jack and Teal'C launch in with their story, ending it with "…there's no point in having ol' Doc Fraiser examine us again."

Dr Fraiser goes over Jack and Teal'C but finds nothing amiss. Jack is getting annoyed that in every loop she shines a light into his eyes. "I ask you: what could possibly be in my eye that could explain this?"

Anyway…Jack believes that the only way to stop what's happening is to decipher the alien text on the artefact. For this, of course, they need Daniel's help, but as Daniel forgets everything in each loop, Jack and Teal'C are going to have to learn and remember what he teaches them about Latin and alien languages. Jack of course is not exactly dumb, but certainly isn't the brightest box in the warehouse, so this is going to take even longer.

Thus, they live through many, many loops. Both Jack and Teal'C become experts in Latin - much to Daniel's surprise - and both become very good at juggling. However, Jack starts to 'lose it'. This involves a lot of shouting and drawing faces onto his plate with ketchup and mustard.

A few loops later Daniel agrees how frustrating living through the same events again and again must be, but then he points out that it's not that bad a deal for Jack and Teal'C as they can do whatever the hell they want without consequences.

The expression on Jack's face says it all: he likes that. He likes that a lot. As does Teal'C.

Jack becomes brilliant at pottery. He rides a bicycle through the SGC just for the hell of it. Teal'C finally hits the guy who accidentally hits him with the door at the beginning of every loop. Dressed in full golfing attire, Jack and Teal'C hit golf balls through the Stargate onto a planet billions of miles away. "Has to be a record."

And, last of all, an out of uniform Jack approaches Hammond and Sam.

Hammond: "Colonel, what are you doing out of uniform?"
Jack: "Handing you my resignation." (he hands over the piece of paper)
Sam: "Resigning? For what?"
Jack: "So I can do this."

He grabs her and kisses her. She kisses him back.

Next loop.

At a briefing, Jack is staring at Sam with a goofy expression on his face. Sam asks what he's looking at. "Nothing," he grins.

After all that work, Daniel now has a workable translation and thinks he knows how to deactivate the device. Returning to the planet they find they can't approach the artefact because the archaeologist has put a shield up. By talking to him Jack discovers that the archaeologist is trying to travel back in time to spend time once more with his long dead wife. He can't save her life because she had a heart condition but he wants to see her again.

Eventually Jack manages to talk him round by mentioning his son, and Daniel points out that the device is faulty and didn't work properly in the first place.

The archaeologist lowers the shield and deactivates the device. The loops end.

Back at the SGC Jack is heartily getting stuck into a bowl of oatmeal, sick of having to eat nothing but fruit loops day after day. Sam tells him their estimated time stuck in the time loop was at least three months. Daniel asks Jack if he thought of doing anything outrageous while he was in the time loop as whatever he did would have no consequences. Jack points out that he already asked him that in one of the time loops. Daniel is eager to hear his response. "Well?"

Jack says nothing. He just looks at Sam.

Sam and Daniel look back at him, clearly expecting something more.

Jack says nothing. He just looks at Sam.

And smiles.



The FUNNIEST darn episode of SG-1 that I've seen, without a doubt. Bearing in mind that although I've seen most of season one, and all of season two, I've only seen two episodes from the third season and about seven from season four…

Certainly the time loop aspect is not a new idea, nor is the archaeologists reason for doing it, but what makes it so different is that Jack and Teal'C start having FUN with it. They'd never do that with a certain unnamed long running scifi series.

Reasons this was a joy to watch: Teal'C juggling. Jack juggling was funny enough, but when we see Teal'C juggling in the next loop I just about fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.

Jack asking how hard learning the alien language can be, and Daniel then turning it the right way.

Jack losing it was a hoot. "WACKO!" I didn't know ketchup and mustard were supposed to be used as stress relievers.

Of course then they start having fun…the golf outfits are hideous but wonderful at the same time. And, that kiss…that was a good kiss. Just wish we could have seen it for longer. He was a good boy, too. He stuck to protocol even in a time loop.

Again with the Sam/Jack gorgeous music. In the scene where she asks him if he knows what she's going to say (didn't he look so, so upset when she went off to do some calculations?), and the last scene, when he just looks at her. Sigh.

Top marks.


Jack: "Weren't we just somewhere else?"
Daniel: "Where?"
Jack: "Some planet."
Daniel: "When?"
Jack: "Just now."
Daniel: "No."
Jack: "Sure?"
Daniel: "Yeah."

Jack: "How would I know that?"
Sam: "Maybe you read my report."
Daniel: "Maybe he read your report?"

Sam: "It wouldn't be the first time we've seen something like this. I mean the Stargate did send us back to 1969."
Jack: "Good year."

Sam: "I'm gonna go run a few simulations."
Jack: "You run. Simulate. Let me know how it turns out. Keep me posted. Keep me apprised."

Jack: "We've done this!"
Daniel: "We do this every day."
Jack: "I'm not talking about briefings in general Daniel. I'm talking about this briefing, this day."

Sam: "We haven't been to P4X-639."
Jack: "Yes we have. 'No we haven't'. That's what you were gonna say."
Sam: "Of course that's what I was gonna say."
Jack: "Bad example."

Jack: "And you'll all believe me when SG-12 comes through that gate in 4…3…2…" (Nothing happens)
Hammond: "SG-12 isn't due back for two days."
Voice Over: "Unscheduled off-world activation."
Jack: "So close."

Hammond: "You realise that this is a little difficult for me to accept?"
Jack: "Hey, if it was just me I'd agree. But what about Teal'C? Come on, is this the face of a crazy man? Bad example."

Jack: "What kind of archaeologist carries a weapon?"
Daniel: "Uh…I do."
Jack: "Bad example."

Jack: "All right, here's the deal: we all seem to be stuck in a time loop of some kind. However Teal'C and I seem to be the only ones who realise it. Now there's this alien device on 639. Now it…subspace something…"
Teal'C: "Activates the subspace field the Stargate is capable of creating. It is powered by ionisation."
Jack: "In the atmosphere. Right, caused by…uh…I know this one…magnets."

Jack: "I ask you…what could possibly be in my eye that would explain this?"

Hammond: "What do you make of all this Major?"
Jack: "Well sir, when was the last time you heard Colonel O'Neill use terms like subspace field and geomagnetic storm?"
Hammond: "Good point."

Jack: "I got the whole thing on tape last time, so you don't have to start from scratch."
Daniel: "If what you say is true, when the loop started again your recording wouldn't have happened."
Jack: "Yeah. Right."
Teal'C: "Did I not say that your plan would be unsuccessful-"
Jack: "Careful."

Jack: "You know the worst part about this? Every time we loop Daniel asks me a question and…I wasn't listening the first time."

Jack: "If we don't find a way out of this soon, I'm gonna lose it. Lose it. It means go crazy. Nuts... insane... bonzo, no longer in possession of ones faculties, three fries short of a happy meal, WACKO!!!!"

Daniel: "Exactly how many of these loops have you…have we been through?"
Jack: "I've…lost track."
Daniel: "That must be frustrating."
Jack: "Uh…yeah."
Daniel: "On the other hand, it's kind of an opportunity."
Jack: "How's that?"
Daniel: "Well think about it. If you know in advance that everything's going to go back to the way it was, you could do anything. For as long as you want, without having to worry about consequences."
Jack: "Excuse me."

Jack: "How far is Alaris, anyway?"
Teal'C: "Several billion miles away."
Jack: "That's gotta be a record."

Hammond: "Colonel O'Neill, what the hell are you doing?!"
Jack: "In the middle of my back swing??!!"

Jack: "Excuse me, George."
Hammond: "Colonel, what are you doing out of uniform?"
Jack: "Handing you my resignation."
Sam: "Resigning? What for?"
Jack: "So I can do this…" (He grabs her and kisses her. She kisses him back.)

Sam: "What are you smiling at?"
Jack: "Nothing."

Jack: "Well General, you know what they say. If at first you don't succeed…try, try and try try try try again."

Daniel: "In all that time you were looping, were you ever tempted to do something crazy? I mean you could do anything without worrying about consequences."
Jack: "You know it's funny, you asked me that before."
Daniel: "And?"


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