Lieutenant JG Tom Paris

Hi sis. Telling tales out of school now? You just can't get over the fact that I never told you the gritty details about me and Tom. Well sister here it is. I hope you get some vicarious thrill from the knowledge. For hell's sake don't let B'Elanna see this or I'm dead. Jenny.

First off let's set this thing about Seven of Nine straight. It's not that I don't like her. I do in a way, she knows her way around this quadrant and is willing to do all the picky little tasks without complaint. It's just the way the Doctor has dressed her. Poor thing is a walking hazzard to men. Those breasts of her and that innocence, kick the slats right out from under the men of Voyager faster than the gathanian flu.

That and that never ending curiosity are a big draw. Look at Harry. He's like a moth being drawn to the flame. I think the only male on Voyager that is not affected is CMD Chakotay. Borg is Borg to him, therefore she has no charms in his eyes.

He on the other hand has charm to spare. If he'd give up on the Captain, I'm sure there are a thing or two we could come to an agreement on. But I digress and this is suppose to be about Lt. JG Thomas E. Paris

Tom Paris is charming, witty and full of life. He has many talents, the least of which are his piloting skills. He is an excellent kisser and though he tended to rush a bit he was easily brought up to standard. He was so sure of his charms and skill until I did the one thing he had bragged about but never had. Let's just say that the sound he made just before he came, and the way he followed me around for three weeks after told me it was a first for him. After that anything I suggested was more than fine with him. He was a quick study and innovative in his delivery. We parted as friends and I hope that our Chief Engineer is grateful for him and his skills. I taught him a lot and refined what he knew.

Happy Megan? Care to continue? I'll tell a bit more if you ask the right questions or jar the right memories. As for the Commander, I have first dibs if he gives up the Captain. Might even make a play for him anyway. Could be fun. See you later, Jenny.

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