A few different 'dos for our half-Klingon.

'Do No 1:

The 'Almost There' 'do.

Cut at different levels, a precurser to her eventual bob.

'Do No 2:

The 'Mean Klingon' 'do.

In the episode 'Faces', we see what B'Elanna would have looked like if she were full Klingon. I guess the genes for curly hair come from that side of the family.

'Do No 3:

The 'Bob' 'do.

Once she gets this (in the second season) there's really not that much variation. Well, in comparison to Janeway.

'Do No 4:

The 'It Never Happened' 'do.

Just like Janeway's 'do in 'Parturition', this appears for one episode and is never, ever, mentioned.

'Do No 5:

The 'Wavy' 'do.

Almost everyone (apart from Chakotay) has a fab hairdo in 'The Killing Game'. B'Elanna is no exception.