Calender Girl Murders (aka Victimised aka Insatiable)

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Cover Blurb

'She's insatiable...he's clinical.'

Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) Hollywood's most desirable and insatiable leading lady, ignites our screens in this fast paced erotic thriller.

"Coupling the sordid deceit of Basic Instinct with the disturbing undertones of Silence Of The Lambs."

'Victimised' is the story of desire...uncontrollable desire...and fatal desire. A serial killer with a passion for only the most sensational centrespread models is clinically eliminating the countries most beautiful women. The seductive Cassie (Sharon Stone) is next on the killer's fatal agenda. Under the protection of the police, she must use all available means to avoid the killer's wrath. Victimised and vulnerable she experiences a roller coaster ride of passion, terror and deceit.


Sharon Stone

Tom Skerritt

Robert Morse

Robert Culp

Robert Beltran

Claudia Christian


Story by

Gregory S Dinallo

Screenplay by

Scott Swanton

Produced by

James O'Fallon

Directed by

William A Graham

A Karussell movie, 1984

Rated 18


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Last updated 28 March 1998.