Voyager Season One

*Ep: Caretaker.

No.: 2.

Desc: Nicknamed the 'Badlands', this anomaly is made up of plasma fields and storms, very much deserving it's nickname because of the high levels of distortion. Pink and orange in colour. The second anomaly is when both the Maquis ship and Voyager are chased by a displacement wave which is apparently polarised magnetic variation. Whatever it is, it's cream coloured.

Relevance: The Maquis ship hides in the Badlands from the Cardassians and their ship is transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker (courtesy of a coherant tetrion beam). Voyager enters the Badlands a time later looking for Tuvok and the ship. Bit of a mistake.

Running Total: 2.

Janeway: "Who's piloting the ship?"

Crew (in unison): "Chakotay!"

*Ep: Parallax.

No.: 1, times I think.

Desc: Highly localised disturbance in space/time continuum. It is a type 4 quantum singularity. Is purple and blue in colour.

Relevance: Voyager receives a distress call from a vessel which appears to be stuck inside the anomaly. As it turns out, it's actually Voyager which is stuck in the anomaly. Who didn't see *that* coming?

Running total: 3.

Janeway knew that if she just kept looking, somehow, someway, she would find a coffee plant in the Delta Quadrant.

*Ep: The Cloud.

No.: 1.

Desc: Pink/blue in colour from the outside. Contains high levels of omicron particles which can be used as an anti-matter reserve (so Janeway can get her coffee). 7 AU's in diameter, gives off gamma and thermal emissions, and contains hydrogen, helium and hydroxal radicles as well as dust nodules. Once you pass through an barrier inside, you find a black area with green sections. A blue non-reactive material exists in this area, and at first the sensors don't recognise them. They stick to the hull and drain energy. B'Elanna later discovers that the blue element is made of isolinear molecules which are connected by nucleogenic peptide bonds.

Relevance: The 'cloud' *is* the story. Guess what? The nebula is actually alive. This would have been a terrible ep if not for the wonderful character moments ("Commander Chakotay, your stick?").

Running total: 4.

Janeway (tutting): "Chakotay..."

Janeway discovers where Neelix keeps his stash of leola root. "Mr Tuvok, prepare to fire on my order."

*Ep: Eye Of The Needle.

No.: 1.

Desc: Green coloured wormhole that leads to the Delta Quadrant. Problem though - is only about 20cm in size.

Relevance: Voyager makes contact to a Romulan on the other side of the wormhole and asks him to pass messages onto Starfleet to let HQ know they're alive. But as always, there's a plot twist. B'Elanna finds a slight variance that she has to compensate for when they communicate with the Romulan. It is revealed at the end of the show that the Romulan is actually from 20 years in the past.

Running total: 5.

Paris: "Man, what the hell does Neelix keep up his nostril?"

*Ep: Emanations.

No.: 7! (2 seen, and we're told about 5 others)

Desc: Sub-space vacuoles. When they appear we see a bright white light and hear a build up of sound.

Relevance: One of the little buggers takes Harry and deposits a freshly dead corpse on the asteroid that Kim, Chakotay and B'Elanna were investigating. It seems that Harry and the corpse (who is subsequently revived by the EMH) swapped places and Harry is now on the aliens homeworld. His appearance makes the alien race question their own belief system.

Running Total: 12.

Paris: "I warned you, didn't I? I told you to steer clear of Neelix's cologne but you wouldn't listen."

*Ep: Heroes And Demons.

No.: 2...sort of.

Desc: A protostar which contains high levels of photonic energy. The second anomaly is the phonotic lattice which the energy creatures go in to. Both are bright yellow in colour. The photonic energy appears to contain tendrels of energy, and the lattice is in the shape of a circle.

Relevance: Voyager investigate the protostar, as Janeway and Torres believe it will boost the efficiency of the power converters. Some of it escapes to the holodeck. It absorbs Kim, Chakotay and Tuvok, and breaks them down into their energy components. And in a really cool scene it eats the Doctor's arm.

Running total: 14.

Doctor: "Look Kellin, I have what you want. Now tell me how I can erase the memory of Mr Neelix from everyone on board and then kill him..."

*Ep: Cathexis.

No.: 1.

Desc: Dark matter nebula, containing strong electro-magnetic radiation. Also contains highly coherant energy pulses which turn out to be life forms which feed on neural energy.

Relevance: Chakotay and Tuvok investigate the nebula for any useful components. They're attacked by the energy beings. Rescued by Voyager, but Tuvok (unknown to his crewmates) has been possessed by one of the aliens. Chakotay has been declared brain dead. Finale contains a confrontation in the nebula (side note - I loved it when Janeway got taken over by Chakotay's spirit and thwacked Tuvok. Great stuff! And of course, this ep contains the famous chest shot - Chakotay's chest and Janeway's hands all over him...).

Running total: 15.

Chakotay wonders what the hell has happened to his eyesight. When he realises the abilities he has, he quickly heads towards Kathryn's bedroom.