Voyager Season Two

*Ep: Twisted.

No.: 1.

Desc: Big spacial distortion in the shape of a round ring that surrounds the ship. Don't see it much because it saves money.

Relevance: Well it's the ring that causes the ship to twist and contort and rooms to end up in different places (incidentally, Neelix goes missing and we were briefly led to believe that something bad happened to him. But at the end, he walks onto the bridge with that Jeballian (sp?) fudge cake. Damn). Like 'The Cloud', the ring is the story in this ep. Unfortunately the character moments can't make up for it this time (although there are a few nice scenes - B'Elanna finding that half-naked man, Janeway spouting garbage like something with a bad radio signal...). Oh, and the ring was alive. Again.

Running total: 16.

B'Elanna freaks when she sees a miniature Vulcan staring down at her.

*Ep: Maneuvers.

No.: 1.

Desc: A purple ionised hydrogen cloud.

Relevance: Upon picking up a Federation signal from the cloud, Voyager investigates. Of course, it was a trap set up by Seska and the Kazon to get a transporter module. And more to the point, to get Chakotay.

Running Total: 17.

Chakotay's 'death glare' lessons from Janeway start to pay off.

*Ep: Deadlock.

No.: 2.

Desc: A brightly coloured plasma cloud and a spacial distortion that separates the two Voyagers.

Relevance: Hiding from the Vidiians, Voyager takes cover in a plasma cloud. But the plasma cloud holds more than they realise, the result being that it creates two Voyagers. One of them is in pieces, but the other is in impeccable condition. Both versions of the crew discover that they occupy the same point in space/time, and can travel from one version of the ship to another by crossing the spacial distortion which has appeared on deck 14. (Note: this is the second time Harry dies. Wonder if he'll stay dead next time. You know the saying don't you? Third time's a charm...and Cap'n Kate - I didn't mean it!).

Running total: 19.

That'll teach them Vidiians...come on, who doesn't love this scene?

Once again Harry returns from the dead. And for his next trick he'll saw Naomi Wildman in half.