Voyager Season Three

*Ep: Flashback.

No.: 3.

Desc: Two of the anomalies are nebulas, one in the present, and one 80 years in Tuvok's past. The one in the present is a class 17 nebula. It contains large amounts of serilium, a highly combustable and versatile energy source. Also contains traces of hydrogen and helium. The one in the past is called the Azur nebula. It is a class 11, and contains only traces of serilium. Both are blue in colour.

The other anomaly is the sub-space shock wave that is the result of Praxis exploding. It passes as a wave through space and is white and purple in colour with orange along its edges.

Relevance: The nebula of the present apparently reminds Tuvok of the nebula in the past and when he mindmelds with Janeway he takes them back to when he encountered the old nebula under Captain Sulu's command. The shock wave is the first sign of trouble on Praxis.

Running Total: 22.

There's nothing more unsettling than staring at a Klingon's rear.

Tom breaks wind after trying Neelix's rootin' tootin' chilli sauce. The affect is devastating.

*Ep: False Profits.

No.: 1.

Desc: The Barzan wormhole, first seen in TNG's 'The Price'. Blue in colour.

Relevance: The Ferengi who got trapped in the Delta Quadrant side of the wormhole have taken advantage of a pre-warp civilisation and led them to believe that they are the aliens gods, or the 'Holy Sages'. The crew try to undo the damage they Ferengi have done and return them to the Alpha Quadrant with them. Unfortunately, the Ferengi fight back and although they go back to the Alpha Quadrant, they make the wormhole unstable so Voyager cannot return.

Running Total: 23.

"Umm...Kathryn, shouldn't we be moving towards the wormhole?"

"Later Chakotay. I'm too busy enjoying my bath right now."

*Ep: Future's End, Part 1.

No.: 1.

Desc: A distortion in the space/time continuum, but has a graviton matrix which means it is artifically generated. It is several shades of blue, appears as two halves separated by a think black line (presumably space).

Relevance: The timeship Aeon, commanded by Captain Braxton, appears through this anomaly to destroy Voyager which he believes is responsible for a disaster in the 29th century. Fighting back, Voyager gets caught in anomaly and dragged back to 1996.

Running Total: 25.

As Voyager enters the anomaly, Janeway's last thought is: "Damn. I hope my coffee plant wasn't damaged by the impact."

*Ep: Future's End, Part 2.

No.: 1.

Desc: Same as above.

Relevance: Henry Starling opens a distortion, planning to travel to the future to steal ideas. Voyager stops him, and Braxton uses the anomaly to take them back to their right time in the Delta Quadrant.

Running Total: 26.

Janeway turns to Chakotay. "Is it just me or do you see a Mexican riding a bike when you look at it?"

*Ep: Fair Trade.

No.: 1. But very very big.

Desc: Interstellar dust cloud which contains plasma storms called 'The Necrid Expanse'. Thousands of light years wide, and purple in colour.

Relevance: So that Neelix can freak out about the fact that he doesn't know what's beyond the expanse and betrays the crew to try and get a map. Janeway gets to do a guilt job on him. Yay!

Running Total: 27.

Slowly, they moved their forces towards the space station. Their only goal: to find a good hairdresser for their Captain.

*Ep: Alter Ego.

No.: 1.

Desc: An inversion nebula. Supposedly unstable and burns out in a few years, but this one's been around for centuries. Contains plasma strands which ignite. Is a phenomenon which has never been seen in the Alpha Quadrant. Is white, purple and green in colour, and the plasma strands are a soft white colour.

Relevance: Fascinated, the crew investigate the anomaly. We later discover that a single alien female lives on a station in the nebula and controls the strands so the nebula doesn't burn up. However, because she's lonely she interacts with the Voyager crew as a character on the holodeck.

Running Total: 28.

I mean come on, that's just asking for trouble...

*Ep: Unity.

No.: 1.

Desc: The Necrid Expanse again. See 'Fair Trade'.

Relevance: Chakotay and Ensign Kaplan are scanning the expanse in a shuttlecraft to find a shorter route through when they receive a distress call with a Federation signal

Running Total: 29.

If I didn't know better, I'd think he was being possessed by an alien life form. But I forgot - they don't do that on Star Trek.

*Ep: Real Life.

No.: 6.

Desc: A light brown ring surrounds a vertical line of energy which is brown/blue in colour. They've never seen anything like it. An asteral eddy which forms at the conflux of space and subspace and travels between the two. Gives off graviton waves. Has a temperature of 9 million Kelvins, gives off massive discharges of plasmatic energy but has a perfectly calm eye at the centre. The inside of the anomaly looks suspiciously like the Badlands.

Relevance: Trying to procure some plasma for Voyager's energy reserves, Tom gets trapped in a shuttle in the interfold layer between space and subspace. I think he's there mainly so B'Elanna can get worried about him.

Running Total: 35.

Paris: "Ten replicator rations to the first person who can guess correctly who's piloting Voyager."

*Ep: Distant Origin.

No.: 1.

Desc: The Necrid Expanse again. See 'Fair Trade'.

Relevance: Tracking the Voyager, Gegen and Vir pass through the expanse to try and find it.

Running Total: 36.

"Vir, what happened to your spiky hair?"

*Ep: Scorpion, Part 1.

No.: 2 (a 'string' of singularities are mentioned, but no specific numbers are given. Therefore I am discounting all except those which we specifically see or hear about).

Desc: Quantum singularities. Appear as an opening in space which are a bright white colour.

Relevance: Species 8472 use the singularities to travel between their universe and our own.

Running Total: 38.

"So a Borg walks into a bar..."