Voyager Season Four

*Ep: Scorpion, Part 2.

No.: 4 (3 seen, and we're told about 1 more).

Desc: Same as 'Scorpion, Part 1', and we also discover that the singularities are inter-dimensional rifts.

Relevance: Same as 'Scorpion, Part 1', but Voyager also uses one to cross into the realm of Species 8472.

Running Total: 42.

This year, the techno-sexual look is in.

*Ep: The Gift.

No.: 1.

Desc: After Voyager is thrown nearly 10 years closer to home, we see what appears to be a nebula or gaseous anomaly. It is never discussed so we never find out exactly what it is. It is mostly purple and blue in colour, with one white area.

Relevance: We see a nebula/anomaly that we've never encountered before to confirm that this is a new area of space that Voyager is in (or they just wanted something that looked pretty).

Running Total: 43.

"Why is it so dark in here? Hello?"

*Ep: Year Of Hell, Part 1.

No.: 3.

Desc: A space/time shockwave caused by a massive build-up of temporal energy. A huge spacial distortion, five light years across. It is a white, blue and purple wave.

Relevance: The shockwave, created by Annorax's temporal weapon, changes the timeline of anything or anyone it touches. Annorax is constantly changing the timeline to try and recreate the Kianna Prime colony.

Running Total.: 46.

Harry: "What's that yellow section?"

Tom: "Radioactive leola root. Tuvok's trying it out as a new weapon."

Harry: "Huh. I guess Neelix was telling the truth when he said leola root was versatile."

Tom: "You haven't seen what Seven's doing with it yet, have you?"

Harry: "What are you implying?"

*Ep: Year Of Hell, Part 2.

No: 2.

Desc: Same as above.

Relevance: The first anomaly is the same as above, and we discover that Annorax wants the colony back so his wife will still be alive. The second anomaly is also a space/time shockwave but it is caused by the destruction of the temporal ship.

Running Total: 48.

"Dammit Chakotay, will you stop piloting the ship?!"

*Ep: Mortal Coil.

No.: 1.

Desc: A class one nebula with traces of protomatter which is the best energy source in the Delta Quadrant. It is orange in colour, with touches of yellow, white and green. The protomatter is represented by large vertical columns of matter.

Relevance: While trying to beam a sample of protomatter aboard a shuttle, the transporter beam has unforseen effects and ignites the protomatter. A discharge of protomatter passes through the shuttlecraft and hits Neelix. He dies! (Die, Neelix, Die!). Regretfully, he is brought back to life (sorry. My ANA side is escaping again...). The result is that he begins to question his own faith about the afterlife, or lack thereof.

Running Total: 49.

And when the nebula that was to kill Neelix came into sensor range, the crew cheered.

*Ep: Hunters.

No.: 1.

Desc: Umm...a black hole wasn't it? I've only seen the episode once. Okay, I'll have to check this...well it's blue, white and swirly whatever it is.

Relevance: The black hole provides the energy that helps run the array that Voyager uses to send the Doctor to the Alpha Quadrant in 'Message In A Bottle'. They receive messages from home through the array in 'Hunters'.

Running Total: 50.

What the Time Tunnel could have looked like if they'd had CGI...

*Ep: One.

No.: 1.

Desc: Ooo. It's another big nasty nebula that'll take ages to cross. This is an episode I haven't seen yet. Pink, orange and yellow in colour.

Relevance: Because of the fatal effects of the anomaly, the crew has to go into stasis when they cross it. Conveniently, Seven's Borg implants protect her so she can run the ship.

Running Total: 51.

Doctor: "No, let me guess. We're going to investigate another nebula, aren't we? I'll get sickbay ready for patients."