The Voyager Bible

Here's something you might find interesting. It's the original descriptions of the characters in the 'Voyager Bible' - how the characters were envisioned. I found it fascinating to observe how close or different the descriptions were to how the characters turned out.

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Captain Kathryn Janeway -

A human, Janeway is by no means the only female Captain in Starfleet. But it is generally acknowledged that she is among the best - male or female. She embodies all that is exemplary about Starfleet officers: intelligent, thoughtful, perspicacious, sensitive to the feelings of others, tough when she has to be, and not afraid to take chances. She had a gift for doing the completely unexpected which has bailed her out of more than one scrape.

The daughter of a mathematician mother and an astrophysicist father, Janeway was on a track for a career in science. Her natural leadership abilities manifested themselves quickly, however, and she was rapidly promoted to ever-more-responsible positions. And because of her hands-on experience in various science posts, she brings to her captaincy a greater familiarity with technology and science than any captain we've yet experienced.


Chakotay -

The First Officer is a complex - some would say difficult - man. His background is unique: he spans two cultures, one foot in each, belonging to both and yet to neither. In the 22nd century, a group of Indian traditionalists became dissatisfied with the "homogenization" of humans that was occurring on Earth. Strongly motivated to preserve their cultural identity, they relocated to a remote planet near what had now become known at the Demilitarized Zone.

Chakotay is a member of that Indian nation. Always individualistic, what his people call a "contrary", he broke from his people, educated himself in the ways of the 24th century, and attended Starfleet Academy. When he learned the Cardassians were attacking the Indians, he left Starfleet to defend them, joining the then-infant Maquis.

Chakotay practises the traditional rituals aboard Voyager. By the 24th century Indians have developed a technology which allows them to experience vision quests in a completely safe way; they have "mapped" the unconscious and are comfortable roaming there. Chakotay has a "spirit guide" - a timber wolf - which appears to him now in dreams and visions, and often guides him in his decision-making process. He strikes an immediate and powerful bond with Janeway, and an unusual one with Kim, who through Chakotay's example begins to question his own homogenization and the loss of his traditional values.


Holographic Doctor -

Doc is not really a person, but a holographic figure - an emergency medical program devised by Starfleet. When the ship's doctor is unavailable, or needs added assistance, he can call on the holographic physician. The holo-doctor appears as a human male and has been programmed with the most up-to-date medical knowledge; he is capable of treating any disease or injury. He has little personality when we first meet him, except for some testiness and arrogance. Subsequently, he will undergo some "tinkering" with his program in order to warm him up a bit - although not always with the desired results.


Engineer B'Elanna Torres -

The Chief Engineer has a façade that's worked well for her: tough, knowledgeable, able to take care of herself, bothered by nothing. In fact, beneath the surface there dwells a person confused and at war with herself. B'Elanna has a mixed heritage - Klingon and human - that she deplores. Her Klingon side is disturbing to her; she makes every effort to suppress it, preferring to develop her human side. She distrusts the feelings her Klingon blood produces, and wishes that, like Tuvok, she could achieve control of them.

B'Elanna has grown into a fetching young beauty with an incandescent sexuality. She turns many heads, but the person she has designs on is Tom Paris, who won't clutter their professional relationship by having an affair with another officer.


Tuvok of Vulcan -

The Vulcan Tactical/Security Officer is getting on in years - he's 160 (about 60 in human terms), but is as fit as people half his age. He is a powerful combination of maturity, wisdom, experience - and vitality. His Vulcan equanimity and patience serve him well in his role as the ship's peace-keeper, but it is the unofficial role which binds him to the other crew members. His grandfatherly presence is comforting to many - particularly the young and head-strong B'Elanna…He married young, has four children (three of who are Starfleet), and outlived his wife of 90 years. He has worked with Janeway for some time; they know each other well and have achieved a kind of comfortable relationship that comes with time and experience. She turns to him as a strong shoulder; she is the person he turns to when he needs one.


Lt. Tom Paris -

Paris' career in Starfleet was to be exemplary. He descended from a proud lineage of Starfleet legends; his great-grandfather, grandmother, father and aunt were all Admirals. Everyone assumed Tom, who was bright, capable, and charming, would achieve those same heights. No one knew that Tom felt a tremendous pressure to live up to the name his family had carved - and had grave doubts whether that was possible.

After graduation, he joined a unit of Starfleet's SAV division (Small Attack Vessel) where his piloting skills would be put to good use. But there was an accident during a war games demonstration - a pilot was killed - and Tom Paris, fearing his reputation might suffer and derail his career, lied and placed the blame on the dead man…That mistake cost him dearly. When the lie was revealed, he was discharged. His worst fears realized - he had sullied the family name.


Ensign Harry Kim -

Kim, the Ops/Communications Officer, is a human of Asian descent, and had the happiest day of his life when he reported to duty aboard Voyager. He knew his parents were proud - though he was a bit embarrassed by their hugs and kisses as they said good-bye - and that meant a lot to him. He grew up with love, warmth, and support, and an assumption that he would excel at whatever he chose. But if Harry was raised with love and care, he was also raised in a somewhat sheltered way. He had no worries, no cares, and whatever minor annoyances life might have brought were deflected from him by his parents. So Harry has so growing up to do. Having never experienced adversity, he has fewer of the tools for coping than some of the others. Though he tries to keep such thoughts from surfacing, he's scared. He's over his head in this mission. He goes about his duties with diligence - it's comforting somehow to have a job to do - but more than anyone else, Harry is suffering.


Neelix -

Neelix is an alien male unlike any we've ever seen, in that he comes from a part of the galaxy that has been heretofore unexplored. He's a strange one - small, squat, and charming. He's part scavenger, trader, con man, procurer, and sage. His life has not been an easy one, but he has toughed it out - surviving by his wits and instincts in a dangerous part of space.

Neelix has developed the capacity to be all things to all people. You want a guide? I'm a guide. You want a weapon? I'm an arms trader. You want a cook? I'm a gourmet chef. He's the ultimate in flexibility and a jack of many, many trades.


Kes -

Kes is Neelix's Ocampa lover. She is delicate, beautiful, young - and has a life span of only nine years. Neelix adores her, is protective of her, is insanely jealous of her. Kes doesn't give him any reason for those feelings: she loves Neelix and is loyal to him. But she is inquisitive and eager to absorb knowledge about this starship and its fascinating crew. She is an innocent who sees humanity through a fresh perspective, and the crew of Voyager never cease to fascinate her.