Anomalies Anonymous
Star Trek, and Voyager in particular, have always been accused by some people of having far to many anomalies in their episodes. Nebulas (nebulai?) spacial anomalies, a fracture in the space time continuum, quantum get the idea. Well, they're right, so I decided to make a list of all such things that have appeared in Voyager. I hope, eventually, to do the same to TNG, DS9 and possibly even TOS and the movies. For now, however I will stick with Voyager. It should keep me sufficiently occupied for a while.

I will no doubt receive complaints from some fans, but I should point out that I adore Star Trek, especially Voyager. This is the type of page that only a fan can make - lovingly making fun of the show.

It should also be noted that this is a work in process, and I have not done every anomaly so far. If you can think of any that you'd like to send me, click here.

Oh, and I should point out that no matter what I say in these pages, I do like Neelix. He used to irritate me, but no longer.

The information about the anomalies will be listed in this order:

* Episode Title

* Number of anomalies/whatever seen in that episode

* Description of anomaly

* Relevance of anomaly to plot

* Number of anomalies in series so far (running total)

However, for the sake of space these will be abbreviated. on a destination below. First stop? Why the Delta Quadrant of course...

But before you go...

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