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A Fate Worse Than...

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This is my first drabble. If you don't know what a drabble is, it's a story that's exactly 100 words long. Excluding the title, this story fits the bill.

This is my first ever TNG story. Hope I did good.


The ensign cried out as he fell over. Data was by his side in seconds, Picard a few moments later.

"Are you injured Ensign?"

He clutched at his ankle. "I think I've sprained it, sir."

"Perhaps a visit to sickbay is required," Data suggested as he helped the ensign to his feet.

"Quite right Mr Data. Ensign-"

"No, really sir!" he exclaimed, terrified. "I'm fine." He proceeded to show them how 'fine' he was by limping around the bridge, producing a pathetic 'ow' every time he took a step.

Picard lost his patience.

"Ensign Walnut, report to Dr Crusher immediately!"


Basic Biological Functions

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This drabble thing is addictive!!


B'Elanna winced, touching her stomach.

Kathryn frowned in sympathy from her side of the table. "Cramps?"

B'Elanna nodded.

"Cramps?" Neelix asked, having overheard.

"Umm...yes," Kathryn began, not knowing how he would react. "Human females - and some other species - have what we call a 'period' once a month which makes us fertile."

"Fascinating! On Talax it's very different. The male secretes a specific-"

"Wait a minute..." B'Elanna interrupted. "Does this explain that substance I find all over the replicators in here every other month?"

"It's a basic biological...Lieutenant?"

But already she was turning green and running towards the bathroom.



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It's a dialogue only drabble!


"Jiggle it about a bit."

"Will you *please* stop telling me what to do?"

"Pardon me for not wanting to sit here doing nothing."

"Look, we're both in the same boat. You could be a little nicer about it."




"Do you always have to have the last word?"



"I don't."

"And I believe you."

"No you don't. Who's responsible for handcuffing us together anyway?"


"Remind me to reduce his rank to cadet..."

"Dammit, I can't get these off."

"You don't mean..?"

"I'm afraid so. Seven. She's the only one who can help us."



A Wonder

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I can't stop writing these things!



He looked up from the console he was examining. "Hmm?"

Kathryn frowned. "Is it my imagination or are you getting younger?"

"I'm sorry, Captain?"

She absently waved a hand at him. "You're thinner than you used to be, and your hair is definitely darker." She examined him closely. "Are you *positive* you aren't getting any younger?"

Trying not to blush he admitted "Actually, I've been working out more and the hair..." he leant closer and whispered "it's 'Just For Men'. Works wonders."

"I'll say it does," Kathryn agreed, leaning back to admire the view.

Someone snorted.

"Shut up, Paris."


The Trouble With Drabbles

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Come on. It had to happen.



"Oh, Captain! I'm sorry!" Nicolleti continued to apologise as she ran off, giving no explanation of what had been so fascinating on her padd.

Continuing into the mess hall, Kathryn stopped when she saw that everyone was working on something.

Passing Tom's table she listened in carefully.

"Still one letter too long...okay, change 'do not' to 'don't' and...I got it!" He jumped up from his seat before spotting Janeway. "Oh...Captain!"

"What's going on Ensign?"

"Umm, nothing. Excuse me." He left. Quickly.

Blinking, Kathryn headed towards the replicator and worried about the mental stability of her crew.



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He said her name.

She lay beside him, quietly breathing, memorising the view from his bed, staring at the stars that filled space outside.

Slowly shifting, she turned towards him. Lowering a hand over his body she grasped one of his, and squeezed.

He exhaled, heavily, closing his eyes because he knew what words would emerge if she opened her mouth.

A smile graced her features for mere seconds as she saw his expression, before she released his hand and turned away again. Lying back down she rested her head on her arm.

He said her name.

She said nothing.


A Tribble Drabble

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B'Elanna yelled as she jerked away from the Talaxian and the object he was holding, which squealed loudly.

"B'Elanna?" he asked, worried.

"Where the hell did you get that *thing*?!" she growled, picking up her fork with the intent of using it as a deadly weapon.

Gasping, Neelix held the object protectively in his hands. "The Kvornian delegation brought it on board. They thought we might like one."

"Well get that beast away from me! Get it off the ship!" She waved the fork around, and Neelix tried to remember where the nearest sedative-filled hypospray was.

The beast purred happily.


Going For A Ride

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"I beg your pardon?"

Tom pulled the collar of his leather jacket up. "I asked if you wanted to go for a ride on my-"

"-love machine." B'Elanna finished. "Yeah, that's what I thought." Rolling her eyes, she let her hand linger over the arm of his jacket. "And just what is a..." her mouth hovered next to his ear. "...love machine?"

Gulping, he quickly shoved his shades on. "A motorbike."

"Ohhh..." her hand caressed his chest. "I can just imagine what it feels like. All that...power..."

"Hell B'Elanna...that's have a ride of a different kind."

"Thank Kahless..."


An Ending

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Includes a little stealing from the PSB's.


"I'll miss you."

I'm surprised when you say it, surprised that you'd admit that something might be lost because this is ending.

A truth for once.

Makes a change.

"You have... unbelievably bad timing."

You laugh and I close my eyes.

"No one's ever accused me of being chronologically correct-"



"Don't make light of this."

You're silent, for a moment. "I don't know any other way, Chakotay. This is...easier."

I move through the darkness of our...your...quarters. "For you." That's all that really matters.

I don't know what you want but I can't give it anymore.


Mutiny in the Mess Hall

by Suz and Saffron saffron@startrekmail.com


Kathryn took hold of the long, thick object and pulled with all her might before sighing in frustration. The previous nights Leola-cheese souffle was the last straw.

"That's it; I'm spacing our entire stock of leola root."

Chakotay chuckled, not taking her seriously. Then she rose an eyebrow and realisation set in. "It's our only food supply."

"I would rather cook than eat another bite of this root. I say it's Mutiny in the Mess Hall."

"Why don't we just space Neelix?"

Janeway watched Neelix happily stocking his shelves with the root then gave Chakotay a crooked smile. "Do it."



Disclaimer - belong to Paramount.

I don't know what the story behind this one is. I was watching something on television and suddenly I had to write.


"Did you ever think that maybe they...?"

"Sometimes. You?"

"No. Never."

"Really? Not ever?"

"I had a vague suspicion after we rescued them from that planet, but...no. All I needed to do was look at him."

"And you knew?"

"Uh hu."

"See, I never had that. With either of him. He was definitely easier to read in that respect, but even so...but *she*. She was always so inpenetrable. I could never tell what she was thinking."

"Shame. Maybe if we'd known we could have told her what she was thinking."

"Tell her what she already knew?"


"Yeah. Shame."


The Right Thing

Disclaimer - Hmm. Yeah, Paramount.

Kashyk back story? Set in the future? Who knows?

Would love some feedback. I'm not getting paid for this you know...


It is a strange sensation watching a child die. Knowing that he had captured her, knowing that he was responsible for her death. He was not the one who activated the machine that killed her, but he brought her there, extracted her confession.

"I used my telepathic abilities to read strangers minds. I used that information for my own purpose."

He remembered how she had whispered as she spoke.

Everyone is accountable.


He wonders for a moment if he should feel guilty. Then they move the body to make way for the next one and it doesn't matter anymore.


Not The Kind of Thing...

Disclaimer - "This is most efficient," Seven said as she was assimilated by the Para-Borg.

A sequel to 'Shame'. Jen's fault.


"I overheard them today. In the mess hall."

"What were they saying?"

"That it was a shame that we didn't get together. That it was a shame that they couldn't tell me what I already knew."

"Did they know what you already knew?"

"I don't think so."

"That doesn't make much sense."

"I know. Still..."

"They only have our best interests at heart."

"Yes. But it's really not the kind of thing they should be discussing."

"Are you going to stop them?"


"Perhaps it's the kind of thing we should be discussing."

"I have to go."

"Yes. I know."


A Private Moment

Disclaimer - Paramount, Shmaramount.

I vowed I'd never make either of them sing. I changed my mind.


"Sing," she whispered.

It was something I had never done for anyone except her. I had never sung at talent night, never performed in front of anyone.

Only after our most private moments; in bed together, intense exchanges, stupid arguments.

Now, she lay on the floor with one arm around me as I clutched desperately at her, watching her life ebb away.

The crew surrounded us, shocked that this was actually happening, that there was nothing anyone could do.

Intruding on a private moment.

There were tears on my face but I didn't know whose.

"Sing," she whispered.

I did.


The Morning

Disclaimer - Paramount, Paris' Mount.

Set anytime during Kathryn Janeway's command of Voyager. Make of it what you will.


She woke shivering, the memory of a face diminishing as rapidly as consciousness had returned. After a few moments she had forgotten altogether what she had been dreaming about and wondered why she had been shivering at all.

Using the sonic shower she scrubbed away the night's apathy, making her face look bright and fresh.

Studying her reflection in the mirror she applied a little make-up, just enough to accentuate her cheekbones but not so much to be overdone.

Pulling on her uniform slowly she deftly clipped her command pips into place.

Slapping on her com badge, the day began.



Disclaimer - Paramount, grow a snout!

For Trilly. This is your fault.


Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Security Chief of the USS Voyager, did something extremely undignified.

He sneezed.


After the air cleared and the hands were raised from their protective positions over faces, words were muttered.

"Commander, perhaps you should report to sickbay."

"I will do as you suggest Captain."

Standing from his chair, Tuvok walked towards the exit of the briefing room with all the dignity he could muster before sneezing again.

"Geez, use a tissue next time. It'll take forever to get this stuff out of my hair."

"I don't know. Green suits you."

Chakotay sniffled.

"Oh don't you start..."



Disclaimer - Paramount have to pout.

Excluding the song lyrics (which are by Madonna, btw), this is 100 words long.

As usual, make of it what you will.

'Kiss me, I'm dying
Put your hand on my skin
I close my eyes
I need to make a connection'


You touched me.

You've touched me a hundred times before, and a hundred times I've known that it was just for reassurance, an affirmation of friendship. A hundred times I've had to remind myself of that.

You touched me.

And it was different.

I knew.

Skin on skin, like a hundred times before.

The touch as soft as ever, the light pressure of your hand, almost imaginary. The shade of your skin next to mine.

My eyes closed as yours opened.

A dream. This had to be a dream.

Then you spoke and a universe fell apart.

"I'm pregnant, Chakotay."



Disclaimer - "I am not *hostile*!" B'Elanna yelled as she was assimilated by the Para-Borg.

Sequel to 'Skin'. Monkee and Boadicea asked for it.


I knew who even before I found the capacity to speak.

I looked down at your hand, now hovering next to mine. Shaking, almost imperceptibly. Nervous? You? I laughed.

You blinked.

I continued laughing. I wasn't surprised. I hadn't expected it, but the situation seemed entirely believable to me.

"Are you keeping it?"

The hand moved again. "I don't know."

"Yes you do."

The hand clenched. "I don't have the time."

"You know as well as I do that you're just looking for an excuse."



"Thank you."

Surprise. For...?

"Reaffirming my faith in you."

The hand touched mine.


The Story Of Mr Hands and Miss Shoulders

Disclaimer - "Screech!" said the monkey as he was assimilated by the Para-Borg.



"Once upon a time, Mr Nice Hands and Miss Smooth Shoulders were trapped on an island together. Before they had simply been friends, but now alone together and isolated from everything they knew, their relationship began to take subtle changes.

Mr Nice Hands was particularly fond of using his best skill - massage. Miss Smooth Shoulders was herself particularly fond of the massage...as well as baths, ancient legends, and monkeys.

Then Mr I Want A Promotion got uppity-"


"Yes Naomi?"

"I may be a kid but even I don't buy that one."


"Yes Captain?"

"Go to sleep."


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