by Suz

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Short fluff.


It has long been my favourite way of relaxing. Through exams, crises, decisions, has almost always helped me to unwind.

Today hasn't been a particularly trying day, but I haven't had a moment to myself. I've had dozens of PADDS to read, meetings to hold, crewmembers to talk to...the only reason I ate at all was because Neelix - bless his heart - brought a tray of food direct to my ready room.

Not so unusual, I suppose.

And I am so relieved as I walk into my quarters and begin to pull off my clothing, knowing that no one is going to ask me about the warp core or the alignment of any sensors. My jacket lands on the floor, and soon after my pips thud against the wall with extremely satisfying tapping noises.

The rest of my clothing join them as I walk to the bathroom, knowing exactly where I'm going. After I activate the water, I drop the last of my clothing to the floor and look in the mirror as I half-heartedly drag a hairbrush through that angry animal I've taken to calling my 'hair'. It is today what I call 'Friday hair' - the worst it can possibly look. I hope that when it dries later I'll have the wonder that is Monday hair.

Turning away from my reflection I put down the hairbrush and deactivate the water supply. I add a few indulgent but much needed scents and then finally immerse myself into the welcoming arms of a warm bath.

I sigh as the water covers my body and lower myself just far enough so that every inch of my body except for my face is covered.

I can feel my hair fanning out slightly in the water, I know that my fingers and toes will be shrivelled up like prunes later.

I really don't care.

Smiling, I deliberately let the tension go that has been resting in my shoulders all day and close my eyes.

Taking in a deep breath, I move down and duck my head under the water. Here... peace.

My entire body covered, surrounded by the warm liquid.

I can hear nothing except for the sound of my heart beat. Slowing, as I relax.




Then I realise someone is touching my wrist.


Soft, comfortable. He isn't concerned for me - although some time ago he may have been - he's simply letting me know that he's there, watching.

I love that.

Moving my hand to touch his, I sit up out of the water in one go, just as I was beginning to feel the pressure on my lungs.

He's smiling.

He always seems to be doing that.

Reaching out with his free hand he tucks several strands of wet hair behind my ear, and slowly moves forward to press a soft kiss on my mouth.

Pulling away, he still studies my face.

"Hello," He says.

"Hello," I smile, then continue. "Not that this romantic fluff isn't enjoyable, but I haven't seen you since yesterday and...can we just have sex now?"

He sighs dramatically, even as I smile.

And I'm on him a moment later.


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