Battle Stations

by Suz

Disclaimer - yeah yeah. Characters are Paramounts.

This is for Ghostie, in that hopes that you might smile.

Here's a bit of silliness for you...


They stood on one side of the holodeck, observing.

On the other side, they could see that their Captain was having a conversation with Neelix. No doubt she was complimenting him on the decorations.

Tom turned to B'Elanna with a frown. "I helped him with programming the decorations in. You'd think I'd get a little credit."

B'Elanna rolled her eyes at him. "I wouldn't worry about it Tom. I'm sure Neelix will let her know that you helped. Besides, do you really want her to come over here and thank you before-"

"Of course not," he grinned, and she realised he had been teasing. They were all eager to see what would happen tonight. There was a group of about ten of them at the moment who had congregated together because they had a good vantage point. They could see everything, and they thought they didn't look too suspicious because they were next to one of the food tables.

Of course, in actuality they stuck out rather obviously.

The doors to the holodeck swished open and eleven heads whipped round expectantly. Their patience (which had been growing thinner with every passing moment) finally paid off as Chakotay walked in.

Small murmurs passed through the group as he looked around the room, searching for someone. They all knew who.

Chakotay's gaze passed over the group and suddenly they all found something else to be doing, not wanting to me caught staring.

"It took us two hours to get it back online-"

"Seven came in and-"

"Trust you to bring her up, Harry."

"It was a perfectly innocent statment."

"Didn't Neelix do a lovely job?"

"My, that ceiling is fascinating."

Tom wanted to thwack the lot of them. They were being far too obvious! Still, Chakotay seemed so engrossed in his mission that he didn't notice. Trying to stare at him without staring at him, Tom observed his movements as the others, who had turned away when Chakotay looked at them, whispered pleas for hearing about what was going on.

He shushed them all quietly as Chakotay spotted the Captain and started moving over to her. "He's spotted her!"

The other ten heads whipped round again, all thoughts of inane conversations leaving their minds.

Chakotay progressed towards the Captain, but hesitated when he realised she was talking to Neelix.

Rob McKenzie, unfortunately at the back of the group (which was continually growing larger by interested passers-by) and not particularly tall, couldn't see anything. "What's going on?" his desperate curiousity evident in his voice.

"He's staying out of scanner range until he take her by surprise," Tom replied over his shoulder.

"You don't have to be quite so dramatic," Harry responded, but couldn't keep the smile from his face.

The group muttered nasty comments about the Talaxian until finally, eight minutes later he said goodbye to the Captain and departed. The group, and Chakotay, took immediate notice. Chakotay watched as Neelix walked away and then turned back to face her.

"She's in sensor range." declared Tom.

He walked towards her, intent etched into his features.

"He's locked on."

Kathryn saw him coming and took a step back instinctively, her eyes widening. He paused just inside her personal space, leant forward, and began talking.


She shook her head negatively, not wanting to hear or disagreeing with whatever he was saying. Retreating, she turned and walked away from him towards one of the other food tables.

"She's initiated evasive maneuvers."

He wasn't letting her get away that easily. Extending the range of his stride, he caught up with her in three steps, grabbed her arm, and swung her around.

"He's got a tractor beam on her!"

Futilely trying to push him away, Kathryn looked terrified. Chakotay was insistent and continued talking to her. Whatever he was saying seemed to be having some effect because eventually her attempts lessened.

"Shield strength down to 74%."

Her arms, which had previously been raised in a defensive pose, began to lower.


They leant closer. She rested her left hand on his chest and they stared into each other's eyes, neither speaking a word now.

"Shields buckling..."

He released his hold on her arm completely and the group watched with pleasure as they moved still closer and hugged.

"Shields are down!"

High fives and exclamations of joy were passed around the group (which now consisted of 23 people), until Tom realised that the Captain had been playing along. Chakotay releasing his grip had given her the opportunity she needed, and he watched with amused fascination as she yanked his arms from around her body and pushed him against the wall.

" must have rerouted emergency power from somewhere."

A sudden hush fell over the group as they all stood on tiptoe. Eyes widened and mouths were agap as they watched Kathryn Janeway grab her First Officers head and pull it down for a kiss. The widest of the eyes were Chakotay's whose body went limp in shock. Clearly, if anything was going to happen, it was going to happen *her* way.

"She took his shields out with one shot!"

Two seconds later Chakotay recovered and was kissing her back. They had a feeling that the Captain had been trying to teach him something and he seemed to be learning his lesson well. He gasped into her mouth, clutching at her like a dying man.

"Life support systems are off line!"

They writhed against each other, clearly getting much closer than they would have if they'd known anyone was watching. His hands moved down to cup her buttocks as she arched herself against him. Her hands ran through his hair, tipping his head to one side to gain deeper access to his mouth.

The group were getting rather flustered watching them. It was quite an erotic scene they were playing out, and to a certain degree it was almost like watching your parents make out.

Finally needing to inhale oxygen, they pulled away from each other with very regretful expressions on their face. Chakotay rested his forehead on hers, and moved his hands back up to gently caress her face. They spoke in what had to be whispered tones for a few moments before Kathryn pulled herself away a bit further with a trimphant smile on her face.

"He's surrendering..."

Raising an eyebrow at him, Kathryn reached up with her hand to pluck one of his from her face and placed a kiss on the palm. She started walking away, tugging him with her. The crowd, unable to look away, watched as she walked him out of the room, clearly leading him somewhere where they could continue in private.

As the doors closed behind them, every member of the crowd turned to face another member of the crowd with their mouth wide open. The collective phrase of "I can't believe..." was heard before they broke into yells and hugs of happiness and excitement.

Someone threatened to put a dampner of their mood. Jenny, who was at the edge of the group, spotted an intruder.

"Red alert!" she exclaimed. "Incoming Vulcan at coordinates 42 mark 51 mark 72."

They instantly shut up, and Tom, like a master conductor quickly turned to face them and spoke loudly "So the Andorian said to the Tellarite 'That's not my sheep!'"

In response, the crowd broke into raucous laughter.