by Suz

Disclaimer - Paramount owns 'em.

This idea is Fiona's, who graciously allowed me to steal it and write my own.


The view from her ready room is wonderous. A billion stars existing in one moment. Some long dead, others newly formed, but all of them shining. I sometimes think she spends too much time in here, away from the others. The others who would talk to her.

She's only been gone for a few seconds yet I miss her presence already. There's a vitality about her that fills the room.

When did I become so dependant on her? So utterly dependant on her presence, her moods. When she's happy I am. When she's depressed I want nothing more than to comfort her knowing I never can.

Dangerous, to rely on one person so much for your own state of mind. How did it happen? It's not as if at the first instance of my existance I had any idea who she was or how important she would become to me. No one else I've ever encountered has caused such a reaction. Only her. Her.

What would I do without her? What if I lost her? Could I continue? Of course. I think that statement instills more fear in me than even the slightest thought that she might die one day.

Thankfully, my attention is drawn from these depressing thoughts when the door swish open and she walks into the room.

Beauty. So strong, so commanding. Her eyes shining like the stars I have just been admiring through the window.

She looks at me then, and I would swear on everything that ever existed that it seems as if two stars have just imploded in her eyes. Like a supernova, starting from the middle and quickly widening, expanding.

Walking towards me, the faintest hint of a smile gracing her lips, she runs her hand along the edge of the table studying me.

I hear a noise. So does she. Damn. Someone wants in.

Sighing, she calls for the visitor to enter. I nearly shudder in revulsion. It's *him*. The one who is never interested in anything but his own selfish needs. She deserves so much better and yet I watch, captivated, at the scene that occurs before me.

He ignores my presence completely, not even acknowledging me. I'm so furious I nearly tip over.

They seem to be arguing about something. The words, as ever, are barely decipherable, but I think she's done something that upset him. Ever strong, she stands her ground, placing her hands on her hips. It's a calculated move, I realise, as it only makes him angrier. He doesn't shout, but his voice takes on a new intensity.

Suddenly they're kissing, both bodies pushing against the desk. My cry of anguish is lost to them as their movement jostles the table and I slip off.

I have nothing to fear from the fall - it has happened several times before - but now the distance between the table top and the comfortable, carpeted floor seems longer than it ever was.

As I fall I think of all the moments we shared together; her lips pressed against me, her breath floating around me, those days when it seemed she was talking directly to me.

Finally hitting the floor, I roll for a moment before coming to a stop. As the caffeine-filled liquid flows from me, my sobs - at least to me - nearly block out the sounds of their love making.

A thought occurs and just for one second my sobs cease. I'm fairly certain the female with the ridges has been sending me the most interested looks...


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