by Suz

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Sequel to 'Clenched'.

Hey Sy, I wrote something! It wasn't what I was expecting, but I wrote something...


His opportunity came when his shift ended the same time hers did. Quickly stepping in without looking like he was in a rush, he stated a formal acknowledgement of "Captain" for any prying ears as the doors hissed shut.

She greeted him by his rank in return, smiling.

She ordered the turbolift to its destination.

If he closed his eyes, if he closed his eyes...

...he could smell her from last night...

...he could touch the swell of her breast...

...he could lick the salt from her damp skin...

...he could be licked by the other man...

...but the other man wasn't here.

The turbolift jerked into life. He ordered it to stop.

She rose an amused and elegant eyebrow in a silent question.

As he pushed her against the wall he answered it.

She responded at first, feeding from his mouth greedily. He loved that. Loved that she was so enthusiastic about everything whether it was science or sex. She always threw herself in everything so passionately.

She stopped.

He staggered back, frowning as she shoved him away.

What was it?

What wasn't right?

Then he knew. He had suspected - he was paranoid by nature - but it was now confirmed.

It wasn't right because *he* wasn't here.

How sweet. How absolutely lovely.

Allowing the turbolift to finish it's journey he watched as she left and said not a single word. Leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest, he ordered the 'lift to a new destination.


It had just the right amount of desperation to it, he thought. Coming to engineering of all places to see someone else when B'Elanna was working there. Hell, he'd always risked his life in reckless activities. This was no different.

As it was he lucked out. He didn't know where she was, but she was nowhere to be seen in main engineering so he quickly climbed into the Jeffries Tube he knew that Chakotay was in.

Climbing a few rungs up a ladder he stepped off into the intersection and peered into the Jeffries Tube. Yep, there he was. There was no way he could surprise Chakotay from now on - no doubt he'd hear him shuffling along.

But if he closed his eyes, if he closed his eyes...

...he could feel his hands running through his hair...

...he could feel the roughness of his fingers over his chest...

...he could feel the material of *something* he clutched between his fingers...

...he could touch a single part of his body and make him hiss in pleasure or pain... he moved.

Hearing someone approaching, the First Officer turned his head away from the access panel he was working on. Smirking, he shook his head before continuing his work.

Tom thought he was perfectly positioned, but then he always thought that. Every situation was capable of manipulation.

Chakotay was simply sitting facing the access panel with his legs crossed. Continuing his work he was clearly expecting Tom to say something; perhaps an offhand comment about cramped confines, perhaps a lewd joke about tight spaces.

Tom said nothing, only sitting next to Chakotay when he reached him and running his hand over the other man's thigh.

Chakotay's head whipped around this time, and the tool he held cluttered to the metal grating beneath.

Again, he had his answer.

It wasn't right because *she* wasn't there.

How sweet. How absolutely lovely.

With one more squeeze for good measure he turned away and began to crawl away, only smiling when he felt the playful smack of a hand across his buttocks.

Oh but they were going to have fun tonight.


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