Countless Little Warriors

by Suz

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Slight spoiler for 'Someone To Watch Over Me'.

Rated PG-13, or R for the easily offended (grin).


A crowd of people waited impatiently outside the building. Not a great deal was being said; murmurs to confirm that holo-cameras were ready to go, questions to check to see if somebody could see anything newsworthy or interesting.

The crowd consisted largely of reporters who were simply trying to do their jobs; and fans eager to catch a glimpse of one of their idols; those who had followed the story of their triumphant return with excited eyes. It was they who held their fingers over the activation buttons of their cameras, ready to click at a moments notice. They would not miss this opportunity.

No one actually knew why the former senior staff of the USS Voyager were all congregating in one place, but as that place happened to be a hospital the rumours were spreading rapidly.

There were those who believed that Janeway herself had died, a theory that was immediately doused when someone in the crowd saw her looking out of a window at them.

Some believed that Seven of Nine's Borg implants had been reactivated due to some cause and they were watching over her while The Doctor tried to perform one of his many miracles.

The more romantic section of the crowd believed that B'Elanna Torres was pregnant with Tom Paris' child. They had seen Paris enter the building this morning, but had not yet seen any sign of the half-Klingon. Perhaps she had been there along. Perhaps she was the reason they were all in a mad rush to get to the hospital.

Unfortunately - for the romantic souls - that theory also crumbled when Torres suddenly appeared, forcing her way through the throng and swearing in what sounded like a combination of three languages: English, Klingon and French.

Reporters started asking questions, cameras started flashing, fans started screaming and begging for autographs.

The woman named Torres did not answer them, instead electing to maintain her bilingual swearing which seemed to help propel her through the crowd even faster.

Reaching the door to the hospital she thumped loudly then frowned into the scanning device she knew security was using to confirm her identity.

In a matter of seconds the door whooshed open and she stepped in to let it lock quickly behind her, shutting out most of the din the crowd was making. Closing her eyes, she tried to block out the yells that were still echoing in her mind.


She recognised the voice. She recognised the concern.

Her eyes snapped open to look at the blonde-haired man who was quickly approaching. "Tom," she whispered, then ran the few steps it took to reach him and wrapped her arms around him. She allowed herself to savour the feel of his body for just a moment before pulling back. "What is it? Your message was so vague."

Grabbing her hand he started walking along the corridor so she couldn't see his expression. "It's the Captain...or I should say Janeway."

B'Elanna stopped for a moment, worried that something was seriously wrong. "What!? Why the hell didn't you tell me-"

Quickly turning he used his free hand to place an index finger over her lip. "Calm down." It was then that she saw the smallest of small grins on his lips before he immediately smothered it. He was trying to hide it. He'd been trying to hide something ever since she'd arrived. Her own smile started to form.

"Tom...what is it?"

Merely facing away from her again he continued along the corridor, turning a corner occasionally. "I was helping her clarify yet another fuel consumption report to the Brass when she just...collapsed." He led B'Elanna around another corner, dodging nurses and patients.

"Is she alright?"

Janeway's own voice answered that question. "I cannot *believe* they're keeping me in here!"

Her voice echoed loudly along the corridor, apparently emanating from a room a bit further on their right. Tom chuckled.

An easily recognisable male voice responded. "Kathryn, they just want to run a few more tests. Make sure that everything's alright."

"He's right Kathryn." an unknown female voice agreed.

"Oh God Mom! Don't *agree* with him. That's just the encouragement he doesn't need! Look Chakotay, get out of my way or I'll drop-kick you all the way back to the Delta Quadrant."

"No you won't," he insisted softly and warmly.

"It is unwise to under-appreciate the seriousness of such threats," yet another voice added. "Although such a feat would prove physically improbable, I have little doubt that Janeway would be able to carry out her threat in some manner."

B'Elanna frowned. "Seven. Seven's here?"

Stopping just before they reached the room, Tom faced her again as Janeway thanked Seven for her vote of confidence before continuing her mostly one-sided argument with Chakotay.

"Actually B'Elanna, everyone's here more-or-less. You're the last one to arrive. Well, apart from Tuvok but he's on his way here from Vulcan already. He should be here in-"

Pulling her hand out of his, B'Elanna grabbed Tom by the shoulders roughly. "I don't care how long it takes a Vulcan to get to Earth is his transport is travelling at Warp two. I just to know *what* is going on! It is what I think it is?!"

Bringing her closer to new levels of frustration, he smiled. "See for yourself," he instructed, moving his arms as much as possible (which wasn't a great deal) to point towards the doorway.

Growling, B'Elanna decided to do what he suggested anyway and quickly released him.

Janeway's order for Chakotay to 'get out of her way' proved most apt, as the former First Officer was actually standing in the doorway, preventing the diminutive but feisty Janeway from escaping.

"Oh look!" Neelix exclaimed when he spotted B'Elanna peering around the edge of the doorway. "It's another arrival!"

Everyone suddenly had their gazes clamped on her. "Umm...hi." she greeted rather self-consciously.

"Hello," everyone responded.

"What's going on?" she asked Chakotay, who grinned. "Is she..?"

As Chakotay stepped aside to allow her access into the room, Janeway marched forward. "Yes *she* is. And *she* happens to have a name."

"Kathryn," Gretchen interrupted. "that's quite enough. That's no way to treat a friend - especially today."

"*Especially* today." Harry agreed, seeming to revel in annoying his former Captain as she gave him a look that had reduced many a Kazon to ashes and he simply grinned.

"Enough of this 'especially today' crap!" B'Elanna yelled. Grabbing Janeway by the arm she pulled her closer. "You're pregnant - that's *wonderful* news! I'm so happy for both of you," she added, grinning at Chakotay before looking back at Janeway. "But why are you so annoyed?"

Sighing, Kathryn seemed to loose a little of her fire. "Because it's just so typical. The one night...the one *time* know..." everyone nodded knowingly "and I get pregnant! I mean we took precautions!"

Chakotay cleared his throat and all turned to see him with his arm bent at the elbow, pointing absently towards the ceiling. "I seem to remember it being two times."

As B'Elanna released her grip, Janeway folded her arms across her chest and looked at him. "I don't count the second time." she told him with a look that said volumes.

Blushing, he reached up and tugged at an ear. "Give me a break Kathryn. It *had* been a very long time. And do we have to discuss our sex life in front of everyone?"

Her hands seemed to morph instantly to appear on her hips. "Stop right there - we do not have a sex life. We had a sex night. That's it."

He took a step forward. "So you're telling me that we're never going to have sex again? Not in all the years we're going to know each other, not in all the years of bringing up our child together?"

"That's right," she insisted, stubborn despite the expressions of disbelief crossing the features of nearly everyone else in the room.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Why that's awfully egotistical of you Mr Chakotay. You think you're that hard to resist?"

Regarding her for a moment, he tipped his head to one side slightly. "Why that's awful egotistical of *you* Ms Janeway. You think you're that hard to crack?" As he studied her outraged reaction he spoke again. "I need everyone to clear the room. Now. We need some privacy."

There were no arguments, just subtle grins as everyone began to file out. The last one to leave was Gretchen, who winked at Chakotay on her way out. Kathryn quickly grabbed her elbow.

"'re going to let this happen? This man is threatening to seduce your daughter and you're going to let it happen?"

Smiling, her eyes wrinkling, Gretchen patted her daughters hand. "Kathryn, you are an amazing individual. You are your own person and if you set your mind to something you can make anything happen. If you really wanted to leave you would be gone already."

Kathryn shook her head. "But he was standing in the doorway, forcing me to-"

"Kathryn." Gretchen insisted. "You would have found a way. You can do anything you want to; you just haven't realised what that is yet." She glanced at Chakotay. "Besides, I can think of worse things. It's a shame your father wasn't that good looking."

"Mom!" Janeway exclaimed, horrified.

Raising her eyebrows at Chakotay who simply smiled, Gretchen pulled away from her daughter and left the room.

"I don't believe this," Kathryn muttered as the door closed, leaving her alone in the room with a man who was intent on seducing her, something that she knew from experience would be a most enjoyable experience.



"So, what do you think they're up to in there?"

"What do you *think* they're up to Harry?" Tom answered, leaning against the side of the corridor as the others were.

Harry grinned. "Well I know *what* they're up to, I'm just wondering...what stage they're at."

B'Elanna wrinkled up her nose. "That's sick Harry!"

"No it's not," he replied indignantly. "I'm just curious."

B'Elanna crossed her arms over her chest. "Yeah, well...I didn't need that particular mental image. And I'm sure Mrs Janeway didn't either."

Gretchen waved her off. "Oh hell, if I was still embarrassed about my daughter having sex I'd never be able to look at her."

A thud resonated on the other side of the door.

Seven spoke. "Then you are most fortunate, Mrs Janeway."

"Hi Ho everyone!" They all turned to see The EMH walking towards them, grinning widely.

"Heya Doc."

"I bring a message from Mr Tuvok."

"What's it say?"

Pausing next to Tom, The Doctor frowned. "Well it really is a message for the Captain and Commander..."

Neelix laughed gleefully. "They're a little busy right now, Doctor."

Another thump was heard, followed by a groan.

The EMH suddenly seemed to realise something. "Why are you all out here?"

B'Elanna smirked. "Because they're a little busy right now."

The Doctor harrumphed. "Well, I don't care if they're a little busy. I have to deliver this message." He moved to press the button that would activate the unlocking mechanism.

"Doc!" Tom yelled. "You really don't wanna do that!"

"Don't be silly. I'm a Doctor. I've seen everything."

He pressed the button and the door opened. He surveyed the view.

"Oh my..."

Seven cocked her head to one side before speaking.

"It would appear that Fortress Ovum is once again being besieged by countless Little Warriors."


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