By Suz suzvoy@yahoo.com

Homage to Paramount.

Incredibly short story, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love some feedback…

To Lt Susan Nicoletti.


The warmth of the shower felt wonderful against her skin. Yes, she usually preferred baths, but it was nice to have a shower occasionally.

The hot liquid passed over her body, cresting over her firm pert breasts before going onto her flat stomach...in her dreams at least.

In reality, the water crested over her breasts, which without the support of a bra were sagging slightly. The liquid then reached her stomach, which although it wasn't that noticeable, had a small bulge. Finally the water reached her pubic hair, which could never decide on one direction and instead spiked out everywhere.

Still, he found her sexy.

She was happy with her body, certainly. It was in good condition for her age, and she wasn't self-conscious. But it helped to know that he found her desirable. Very desirable, if his performance last night was anything to go by.

Kathryn grinned as she thought about him. He'd be due at her quarters any time now. Quickly finishing her shower she switched off the water, stepped out and grabbed the towel waiting on the side.

Drying herself down, she ran to her bedroom and wrapped herself in her robe before she got too cold. Goosebumps were already forming on her skin.

Bending over, she rubbed the towel on her hair to help dry it, before wrapping it around her hair turban-style.


She almost squealed and felt ridiculously giddy. He was here! And she was going to be ready for him.

Reaching up for the towel, she tugged it from where she had just placed it so her damp hair fell back to it's natural position. She quickly threw the towel into the bathroom before positioning herself so she would be the first thing he saw when the doors opened. Her hands gripped the edges of her robe.

"Come." she ordered huskily, hoping that he'd catch the innuendo. It she knew him half as well as she thought she did, he would.

The doors opened. She dropped the robe.

It wasn't Chakotay.

"Good eve-" the greeting vanished, forgotten, as Harry Kim stared at his Captain - naked, wet, and obviously expecting him to be somebody else. He instantly began stammering. "I..er..you..here's that...umm.."

Kathryn, horrified, had made a quick dash for her bed and now sat under her covers, trying to think of a way to rectify the situation. "Yes Ensign?" she queried in her command voice.

He finally managed to get a full sentence out. "Here's that report you wanted Captain!" he gasped, before practically throwing the padd into her quarters and turning to run the hell out of there.

He didn't get that chance because as soon as he turned he was bumping into Chakotay. "Oh, hello Commander!" he greeted too loudly.

"Harry..." Chakotay said with a frown in place. "Are you alright?"

Harry brayed like a donkey while he was trying to laugh without sounding nervous. "Absolutely fine Commander." And then he turned in the other direction and he did run the hell out of there.

Chakotay peered around the entrance to Kathryn's quarters to find her with her face in her hands. He stepped in and the door closed behind him. Concerned, he sat on the edge of her bed and pulled her hands away from her face. She gave him an embarrassed half-grin.

"Remind me to check who's outside my quarters the next time you're due for a visit." She told him wryly.

He smiled when he realised it was nothing serious. "What did you do?" he asked, already having a good idea.

She chuckled. "Let's just say I think our secret is out...as were Harry's eyeballs."