by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

Disclaimer - Umm. I guess Paramount own them.

Very, very short. Seven's PoV.


I didn't mean to cause you harm.

{You would smirk. You would sit behind your desk, you would say that I hadn't, couldn't, wouldn't.}

{You would lie.}

{Individuals do that often.}

I didn't mean to touch his face.

{You would roll your eyes. You would lounge in your chair, your book on your lap, your hand absently fiddling with the edge of your blanket as you'd tell me that it didn't matter.}

{I would see your face, later. I would know. I would know even before I would see your face.}

I didn't mean to brush against his skin.

{You would laugh. You would sip from your coffee mug, you would raise your eyebrows as you offered me dating advice.}

{You would say it would be a pleasure.}

I didn't mean to be what you couldn't.

{You would pause.}

{You would frown.}

{You would ask me to leave.}

I didn't mean to cause you harm.

I did.


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