Kathryn's Indulgence

by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

Disclaimer - Paramount own the names.

Revenge for the New Earth towel incident, perhaps? Hey, it could happen...


It was raining outside.

That was Kathryn's first thought as she woke. Her second was that she was glad she was under a warm - if Starfleet issue - blanket. She didn't often allow herself an indulgence so she thought she'd take the opportunity to relax a little longer.

Unfortunately, her inquisitive nature wouldn't let her rest. Kathryn wasn't sure what had actually woken her. It could well have been the rain, but her instincts told her otherwise. There was something...something else happening. She wasn't entirely sure what, and there was only one way to find out so she opened her eyes.

And found herself staring at her First Officer's buttocks.

Suddenly she wasn't quite so relaxed.

Well, it was certainly an interesting sight to wake up to. Not that she hadn't spent her fair share of time looking at them, but before it had always been quick glances for fear of getting caught by someone (just *how* would she explain that one?) and they had always been covered by clothing. Now they were - for lack of a better term - bare.

Finally deciding to divert her attention from that area of his body, she tried to decipher just what was going on. As nice a sight as they were, Chakotay's buttocks couldn't just be hovering in mid-air. As she moved her gaze downwards she saw that her suspicions were confirmed. He was standing naked and-he had nice calves. Very nice calves. Well built and-she was going off track.

Renewing her concentration she continued her visual journey until she reached his feet and noticed the pile of wet clothing on the floor.

Now the pieces were starting to fit into place. Chakotay had obviously woken some time ago and gone outside, whereupon it had started raining. Soaked, he had retreated back into the shelter to change his clothes and dry off.

As Kathryn drew these conclusions, Chakotay finished pulling off the wet top she hadn't previously noticed he was removing. It landed on the floor with a moistened thud, then he moved his right hand up and pulled it through his still-damp hair.

Kathryn's mouth parted and her hand itched to make the same movement.

Bending over-God she shouldn't be looking, she *really*-he picked up the small towel he must have placed on his bed earlier and lifted it up. Using both hands he rubbed the towel enthusiastically over his head for a few moments before that too joined the pile of wet clothes on the floor.

As he reached for the bigger towel on the bed, Kathryn caught a glimpse of dry clothing on top of the blanket. Good. He'd be dressed soon and the ordeal would be over with.

Wait a minute...her First Officer was standing naked in front of her and she wanted to know when the *ordeal* would be over with? What Universe was that part of her brain from? She was going to watch and she was going to enjoy it! The indulgence factor of staying warm in bed had nothing on this. Besides, it wasn't as if she was going to get caught. Chakotay was facing the opposite direction, and there was no one else around to-he was drying himself off. Wanting to adjust her position to get a better view, Kathryn knew she couldn't move for fear of alerting him to the fact that she was awake. So, she watched.

He went for the arms first, alternating the towel between hands to dry them off properly. Then he rubbed the towel over his chest (which although she couldn't see it now she had seen it before so she could fill in that blank quite nicely) before flipping it over his head and drying his shoulders and back. Soon after that he reached his buttocks and gave them a quick dry.

Next, he moved to his legs. He had to bend over to one side quite far to reach his feet, which caused his legs to open wider apart-she shouldn't be looking. She just couldn't help herself.

The left leg finished he switched his attention to the right and dried that one. Lastly, he dried off the groinal area - there was no way she was describing it using any other term at that moment - and threw that towel on the floor.

Trying not to sigh, Kathryn continued to watch as he pulled on his underwear and she was extremely relieved to discover that he actually wore some. Of course, she was also happy to finally discover what type of underwear he used, although if she ever was reunited with her crew she'd now owe Tom twenty credits.

Grabbing his trousers, Chakotay pulled those on and within a couple of seconds his top was also on.

Bending at the knees he gathered the wet laundry up from the floor and padded softly out of the sleeping area.

There was no chance in fifty alternate Universes of her getting back to sleep.


Several hours later as a 'newly woken' Kathryn Janeway sat opposite Chakotay for breakfast, she couldn't stop smiling.

"Would you like some more coffee?" He offered.

Sure, but only if I get some First Officer with that. Instead of voicing that thought she attempted to answer without clearing her throat. She rasped a bit, but it was passable. "Sure. Love some."

Her cup once again full, he sat down and studied her. "Kathryn, are you okay?"

Pondering his question she again pondered the memory of that morning. "Fine thank you," she replied, a smile that was somewhere between impish and wicked appearing on her lips.

For all they knew she could die tomorrow. At least she'd have some good memories to take with her.


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