Jerking The Jug

by Suz

"You can turn off my programme now," said the EMH as he was assimilated by the Para-Borg.

Umm...well. This is different from what I usually write.

This can be blamed in equal parts on the following people: Rona, Jackee, Michelle and Patty.

This entire story was written from memory, so I apologise for any errors. To appreciate this story you have to have seen 'Timeless' or read fairly detailed spoilers.


Good. Good. Dinner looks lovely. Smells lovely. Move that fork...there...perfectly perpendicular. Perfectly perpendicular. That's funny. Oh stop giggling! He'll know something's wrong. Okay okay. Lower lights. Nope. Lower. Still. Lowe...stop! Light candles, look at the glow they cast about the room. Romantic. Sultry. Desire...oh I'm giggling again! This is so silly.

Activate music. Yes...sets the mood. Okay, pace...the door! Okay. Okay. Walk casually to the chair and prop your elbow up on it. Speak.

"Come in."

He comes in, holding a padd. Try not to giggle. He speaks. "Captain."

Cool and easy..."Commander. I hope you've got an appetite."

"Famished." Oh, goodie. That word does delirious things to my imagination. Then he frowns. "But I thought you called me here to talk about the slipstream drive?"

No trouble. "No reason to cancel our dinner plans." Wave your hand toward the chair you want him to sit in. Please, sit. Please. Stay. Continue talking. Small talk. "I've programmed a dish my grandmother used to make back on Earth--vegetable biryani." He sits, causing a pleasant reaction. Careful. Don't spill the liquid you're pouring.

"Sounds delicious. I didn't know you could cook."

Jerk the jug. Lift your eyes from your task and send him a short, flirtatious look. "Normally, I draw the line at a pot of coffee," I know he'll love that comment. "But tonight is a special occasion." Pour yourself a drink, sit, and place your napkin on your lap.


"Our last night in the Delta Quadrant. I'd say that's special enough." Place you elbows on the table, clasp your hands together and rest your chin on them. Look at him. Examine him. Wait for his reaction, knowing he'll have one.

You're right. "You've made your decision," he says after a moment, sounding...disappointed? Ah, but that should make things more satisfying in the long run. Go on, tell him your plan.

"We launch tomorrow at 0800. You and Harry will take the Delta Flyer. Voyager will be right behind you." Surely he must appreciate the irony of me letting him of all people use the Delta Flyer.

He exhales. Heavily. "The crew will be pleased." He is clearly not enamoured with the idea. You have to get him to admit it. It's important. Lean forward. Speak in an intense whisper.

"What about you, Chakotay? What do you think about my decision?"

He picks up his padd and looks at it. Heart is pounding, waiting for his answer. Involuntary biological reaction. "I've analyzed Harry's flight plan. The theory is sound, but there are just too many variables. If something goes wrong in that slipstream..."

Remind him. "It could be our only chance to use the quantum drive."

"True, but if you showed this data to any Starfleet engineer they'd think we were out of our minds. We can find another way home. We've waited this long--"

Interrupt. "Long enough," No. No. Not that harsh. Soften your tone. "We've waited long enough. I know it's a risk...probably our biggest one yet...but I'm willing to take it." Does he realise the secondary meaning of this conversation? The innuendo? One way to find out. "Are you with me?"

Setting the padd down, he opens his mouth. His answer is obvious. "Always."

Pull your head from your hands, lower you head and look pleased because you are. Place your napkin on the table, and as you stand, speak. "Speaking of risks..." Walk towards him, skirting the table. Lean forward and place your hand on his shoulder. Closer. Closer. Whisper, in his ear. "...are you ready to try some home cooking?"

He smiles, finding amusement. "I'll alert Sickbay."

Reach up your hand from his shoulder and caress his cheek, letting him know how delighted you are by his teasing. Smile. Genuinely. The smile you practice in the mirror. Then pull away.


And as she sat back in her chair, the alien entity left her body, leaving behind a very confused Captain Kathryn Janeway.


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