Like A Love-Sick Owl

by Suz

Disclaimer - well, characters are Paramounts but the song lyrics belong to the respective companies.

This is a long overdue response to a 1001 challenge to re-write the first J/C scene in 'Night' in the style of a famous author. I bent the rules a little...

This is very, *very* silly. Good therapy too.


He was gonna knock on her door. Ring on her bell. Tap on her viewport too. He was gonna scream and shout until she said she was going to go out with him.

He was gonna knock on her door. Call out her name. Wake up the ship, she'll see. He was gonna hoot and howl like a love-sick owl until she said she was going to go out with him.

Chakotay stood outside her quarters with a burning love inside for the happiness that had died. He was going to work his way back to her, make her see that she wasn't only the lonely. It was a fine day - he was certain. She was going to look at him and know their love was meant to be. He may once of been the kind of guy who only wanted to run around; now he wanted to settle down.

No one seemed to understand what he had to do. He had to find a way to live with his baby by his side. She'd been hurt so much and it seemed at times as if everyone was trying to keep them apart.

It didn't matter, didn't matter what people might say. She was his and he was gonna love her anyway.

Oh his love, his darling. How he hungered for her touch. Was she still his? There was only one way he was going to discover the truth. If you've got someone's love who's true, then you should let it shine for you. He needed to find out if their love was true or not.

She still wasn't answering his requests for entry. His override code wasn't working either; she must have locked the door with a higher clearance than usual. Chakotay asked the computer her status and discovered why she was ignoring him - she was asleep. It figured - some people dealt with depression that way.

Opening a com frequency to her quarters, he sent a message:

"Wake up little Kathryn, wake up."

He'd forgotten by now about the report he was supposed to hand her, all he knew was that she was 45, she was beautiful, and she was his. He honestly believed that if she could come out of her depression they could be happy together. He couldn't see himself loving no one but her for all his life. When he fell in love, it was forever. And he knew he'd never fall in love again.

After a few more highly illegal codes were entered into the key pad, he walked into the room. Finding her asleep but frowning on the couch, he ran his hand over her face and said her name.

She was like poetry in motion as she quickly woke and pulled herself away before catching her breath. "Mister Sandman was bringing me a dream."

He moved closer. "Was it was the sweetest one you've ever seen?"

Kathryn's eyes filled with tears and she shook her head and placed her hand over her chest. "It keeps right on a-hurting Chakotay."

"You've got what it takes to get through it, Kathryn. It hurts to be in love sometimes."

Sniffling, she touched his face with her hand. "Will you still love me tomorrow?"

Chakotay smiled broadly, sweetly. "I feel like a teenager in love. This isn't going to end."

Kathryn didn't seem so sure. "Only love can break a heart..."

"You talk too much..." he informed her, pulling her body closer to his. "All you have to do is dream."

Just before his lips touched hers, she whispered "Take good care of me, baby."


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