The Neelix Claus - Merry Christmas Mr Chakotay

by Suz

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The votes are in. Two of you didn't want a sequel, two of you didn't mind, but the majority wanted one. So...this is a sequel to 'The Neelix Claus' which I think I'll be turning into a little series. Or lots of little stories in any case.



One drowsy eyelid slowly worked its way open, soon followed by its partner. The eyelids opened even further as the owner of the eyelids realised where she was. The last thing she remembered was falling to the floor of Chakotay's why was she now on his bed?

Slowly, fearfully, she turned her head. He wasn't lying next to her. Exhaling heavily in relief, she turned her gaze slightly to the doorway, through which she could see him sleeping on the couch. It didn't look particularly comfortable. And she knew it didn't feel particularly comfortable, after having fallen asleep on her own couch one too many times from staying up too late working.

Yet she couldn't move. The only motor control she seemed to have consisted entirely of moving her eyelids and her head. There were a few other things - breathing for example - but that was instinctive. Moving her head back, she closed her eyes.

Then she remembered.


That furry little Talaxian was going to *pay*.

The thoughts of revenge caused her to open her eyes again, only to find Chakotay looking down at her.

Her formally tired body felt as if an electric shock had passed through it. Her eyelids opened to their fullest extent, her mouth opened to emit a gasp, her heart started pounding, the adrenalin flowed freely through her bloodstream, and her whole body jerked upwards.

Chakotay wasn't nearly fast enough in his own reactions to prevent himself from getting injured.

The top of Kathryn's head connected with his chin, which caused him to tumble backwards towards the wall next to the bed. His arms swung out, but he didn't have time to catch himself on anything. Kathryn futily reached out her own hand, but it was too late. He connected loudly against the wall before thumping to the floor.

Both hands gripping the side of the bed, Kathryn peered over the edge of the mattress to observe the damage. He didn't seem to be moving. She hit her com badge.

"Captain to transporter room one. Medical emergency. Two to beam directly to sickbay!"


They materialised in what appeared to be the middle of a party. Loud music was playing, people were talking, and Christmas decorations hung from the ceiling.

The two forms of Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay materialised. He was lying on the floor in his uniform, apparently unconscious. She was on her hands and knees next to him in a Santa Claus outfit.

Silence swiftly descended upon the room. Someone turned off the music.

Kathryn Janeway, having no idea at all what they found so fascinating, ran towards the Doctor. "Chakotay's been injured!"

The EMH was immediately all business and began scanning the First Officer with a tricorder. The rest of the room started chuckling. Kathryn frowned at them and put her hands on her hips, prompting even more laughter.

Annoyed, she glared at them. "Just what are you doing in here?"

It was Ayala who stepped forward, being unusually brave in front of his Captain. "Susan broke her ankle last night. We were just keeping her company to cheer her up."

Turning toward biobed two, Kathryn saw that he was right. Lieutenant Nicoletti was sitting up in the bed. She waved at her Captain and grinned. Clearly she had been drinking more than synthehol.

Hands still on her hips, Kathryn turned back towards the Doctor who had managed to get Chakotay on biobed one with the help of a few party-goers. "I'm surprised you'd allow this Doctor."

He rose his eyebrows as he continued to run the tricorder over Chakotay. "Oh I'd much rather they'd do it here. It may be *my* domain, but it makes it much easier for me to treat them should anything happen."

She nodded, very relieved that he didn't seem particularly concerned about Chakotay's condition. It couldn't be anything serious. "What's his diagnosis?"

The EMH closed the tricorder and reached for a hypospray from his medtray. Picking up a vial, he pushed it into the instrument. "Nothing serious. He had a slight concussion which I've treated. He'll have a slight headache when he wakes up, but that's it." Pressing the hypospray against Chakotay's neck he activated it, and she heard the reassuring hiss.

Placing both the hypospray and the tricorder on the medtray, the Doctor turned away from her but then turned back. He spoke. "Oh and before you go Captain, I would just like to say that that is an absolutely *charming* outfit you're wearing."

Rolling her eyes at him, she ordered him to the other side of sickbay, and while she tried to ignore the others in sickbay she pondered over what to say to Chakotay when he came round. Sorry? Whoops? How are you feeling? God I'm so embarrassed?

And then it came to her.


The pounding in his ears intensified as he forced his eyelids open, the bright light causing his retinas to contract. He kept his eyes open though, trying to see something through his blurry vision.

Eventually Kathryn's smiling yet gently concerned face came into view, the light from the ceiling surrounding her hair like a halo. Oddly appropriate considering it was Christmas morning.

She was still wearing that damned Santa Claus outfit, the one he had found her in when he'd finished his shift and entered his quarters. It had been no small surprise discovering her there, in a red and white outfit, next to a note telling him she was his present.

Of course he didn't take the note seriously, and he knew she most certainly hadn't left it for him.

Blinking, his vision cleared up completely and he did his best to smile at her, letting her know that he was okay. She obviously felt guilty.

Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear she smiled at him almost nervously, shrugged, and spoke:

"Merry Christmas."


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