by Suz

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Sort of a sequel to 'Harm'. So, Janeway knows. What next?



His hand paused the simple, enjoyable action of rubbing her back, his mind still not used to her voice calling him anything other than his title. "Yes?"

Her head turned to the left slightly, giving him some visual access to her face as it appeared from behind her blonde hair. She was lying in front of him on her side, her weight balanced against the mattress of his bed.

She hesitated for a long time, before finally speaking. "She knows."

"Yes." No distraction, no diversion, no lying. No point in it. Not with her.

She was very refreshing.

The she in question turned further towards him, displacing her weight as her whole body moved around for comfort, and - no doubt - efficiency. "You don't find it peculiar that she hasn't said anything?"


"I see."

"No you don't."

"No, I don't." She smiled.

He enjoyed the view more when she smiled. Even the metal on her face looked less…harsh.

Not that he didn't like the metal. Its coolness was sometimes the best thing about the whole experience.

Something else that was refreshing.

"She will say something, though. Eventually."

"Will she?" She asked, a rhetorical question. "And what will she say?"

"You know."

"I never stated that I didn't know. I am simply curious as to your thoughts."

Chuckling, he began to play with her right hand which was resting across the width of her body. "She'll say…'I'm happy for you'. 'Congratulations'. No doubt she'd joke about an upcoming wedding."

As expected, Seven's eyebrow rose. So did her smile.

He continued. "She may or may not be lying when she says those things. I'm not sure anymore."

She studied him, closely. "It doesn't concern you anymore, does it?"

"It hasn't for a long time, Seven."

She nodded, once. "Yes…I…thought so." She paused. "Your hand has moved up to my breast."

"You noticed that?"

"It is difficult not to. Chakotay?"


"She would be lying."

He could sense what was coming. "But…?"

"I don't know which one of us would be the reason for her deception."

He touched her face, gently. He understood. Both of them understood better than anyone else could. As the night evaporated into murmurs and sighs, tastes and touch, he tried not to think about Kathryn and her hologram. Knowing that, even as he tried not to, Seven was doing exactly the same thing.


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