A Small, Silent Moment
by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

Disclaimer - Paramount own the characters.

As per usual, I leave this to your fertile imaginations to decipher as you see fit.


My arm is wrapped around her stomach as she lies next to me in bed, breathing deeply. My gaze frequently shifts between the stars through the viewport to the sight of her sleeping. I honestly cannot decide which is more beautiful.

She mutters something in her sleep and I sigh, knowing what is coming next. She seems to have the same dream every night.

Every night.

Even in slumber a delighted smile plays across her lips and I can't help but be surprised as it happens. I shouldn't be; I've certainly seen it enough times. Yet every time...

She whispers your name.

She keeps whispering your name.

I should imagine it's a victory of sorts for you; that you still have that kind of hold on her. Not that you know. I'm not going to tell you and I don't think she's even aware that she does it. I've never mentioned it; she's never mentioned it. She never mentions you at all.

I don't regret my decision to be with her, not for a second. All I'll admit is that there are small silent moments, like now, where I contemplate other existences, other lives.

Would she still do this if you and I swapped places? Would she make love to you as passionately? Has she, already?


But I'm the one who shares her bed each night. I'm the one she smiles at each morning. I love that smile. Teasing, flirtatious, sexy as hell. And exclusively for me.

Stirring next to me, I sense that she's waking up. I ponder for a moment. Are you happy now? Are you happy with the decision you made? Do you really not give a damn?

Then I decide that I don't give a damn. You're not here right now and the ghost of you shouldn't be intruding, especially as I glance back down at her face and I see that she's smiling at me.

How much does a whispered word tell, really?

A hand moves up to touch my face.

Nothing, I decide.


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