Someplace Unknown
by Suz

Disclaimer - umm...

Spoilers for 'Survival Instinct', and this is a little...different. It won't make any sense if you haven't seen or heard in detail about the episode.


It is Organic, of that much We are certain. It is not Organic as We are Organic, but It is Organic.

It is lonely. It desperately needs to be touched.

We will provide.

We move.

It does not seem to like the contact, moving away. We are confused. Are We not sufficient? Perhaps that is not the way of This Place Where We Now Exist. We should have been informed, should have been warned by those from The Place Where We Used To Exist. They had learned how to communicate with Us.

We are disappointed, although We understand their failings.

We must do something for Our amusement.

Another Organic has appeared from Someplace Unknown. This Second one is different from the First, somehow. Somehow. Mass is larger and...We sense something.


A Third Organic intrudes Our moment. Our plan. We will wait. We are patient.

A moment of Our understanding occurs. The something. The Second Organic is like Us. Patient.

The plan develops further.

They communicate between themselves, all three of them. They must speak with the same mouths, must have none of the communication problems that We exist with. The Second moves closer to the Third.

We are aware of the feel of the conversation. The First and Second are collaborating against the Third. Good. That should aid in Our plan.

The Third departs for Someplace Unknown; we sense the satisfaction from the Second.


We initiate Our plan.

Moving, We wrap Ourselves around the First's covering. It objects, but instead of pulling free It calls for the Second to help.

It does.

We are pleased.

We like this place.


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