Well, as you might have guessed, this is my links page. Mainly Trek/JC but there are some others here as well...and hey, these are by no means in order of preference, so don't be upset if yours is the last one. If you want yours added, just e-mail me.

Lucious List O' Links

The Matrix Archive: Another web site run by yours truly about my favourite movie.
Beta's Voyager Database: A terrific page, with a great design and up-to-date information. Contains spoiler info.
The Official J/C Story Index: *The* place for fanfics...sorted by author name. A terrific resource.
The Official JetC10 Story Archive: Maintained by Wendy, this contains our little groups stories.
The JetC Home Page: Headquarters of the JetC movement.
The Completely Unofficial Robert Beltran Shrine: Superb. Brilliantly constructed and designed. Lots of nice pics too...
MajCullah's Star Trek Voyager Page: Nicely put together, although we are seeing more sites like this now. Nevertheless, nicely done and I visit often.
Voyager Girl: Hilarious site on the fashions of the Delta Quadrant.
Voyager Chronicle: Check out Miss Manners and Secret Agent Tuvok....
Star Trek Mining Company: A well maintained site run by Julia. Go see!
Jim Wright's Delta Blues: *The* site for the most in-depth and hilarious reviews of every Voyager ep. Bookmark it.
Sev Trek: A terrific cartoon Trek parody.
Command And Control: B5 site run by Kosh. No, not that one. Nicely constructed.
You Have Entered The North West Passage...: Captain Kate's site. Nice gallery of photos.
The Definitive Guide To Star Trek Fanfic On The Web: Self explanatory.
The J/C Links List: Contains a *huge* list of places to find J/C fanfic.
2 Kats' Korner: Check out TKat's series.
Delenn Deserves Better!: A terrific site for any B5 fan.
Malabeth's Page: An incredibly, incredibly gifted writer. Her page deserves a visit.
RBD: TV Guide STV Cast Interview: A hilarious interview. Is also where I got the wonderful cast photo you see among the images on your right.
The JetC15 Homepage: Yes, I joined another one. And man do we write a lot...
USS Charleston: How every web site should be made. Deceptively simple and incredibly effective design. And it's got loads of interesting info too!
U.S.S. Uranus: A beautifully constructed site. Lots of nice stuff to download, and lots of info.
Gill's J/C Fanfic Page: Home of the Giggle Time pics (check 'em out), but also her lovely lovely fanfic.
August's Caboose: A frankly amazing fanfic writer. Every story is truly superb.
Ghostie's J/C Page: Woah, mama. The best writer of smut on the net as far as I'm concerned. But that's not all :) It's not *just* smut. Her story writing is beautiful, so go and tell her to finish the 'Flight Of Illusions' series. It's too good to be unfinished.
Lady Dameon's Homepage: Relatively new to fic writing, but a terrific author. Go to her page now and encourage her to write faster!
the official anna julia homepage: A wonderful author and a wonderful friend. Be sure to check out her favourite women page.
The Homepage of JetC14: Yes, I joined *another* one. And a terrific group they are too.
Saffron's Page: A WONDERFUL friend, a great author, and a huge Kate Mulgrew fan. Go. Now.
Queen Selenay's Palace: Relatively new to fanfic writing, but what she has written is great fun!
Terrapin Point: A terrific writer who really should learn to write faster...:) Love the 'bell' series.
Saffron's Matrix: Go! Encourage her to write more html!
Always On My Mind: AJ's J/C page. You really need to write more, dear :) Be sure to check out the quotes page!
Envoy's Mezzanine : Love it love love it! You get the picture?

Warning! Takes a while to load - lots of pics.

Last updated 10th July 1999.

I love a man in uniform...especially this man.

RB at the second annual Fantasticon convention.