by Suz

Disclaimer - MGM/Gekko/Double Secret own them.

Sequel to finding life. This is rated PG-13, but there is a serious swear word in here. One that begins with the letter 'F'. If you don't like that, don't read this.

Extremely short.

For Ness.


It's easier to imagine there's something wrong with her.

That she's screwed, emotionally. That from so many deaths, so much fighting, just so *much*, something in her has snapped.

It's easier to imagine there's something wrong with her, than accepting the fact that she wants him.

It's easier to imagine that none of it is real. That she isn't lying next - yet away - from him. That her naked back, half-covered by a sheet, isn't what he's staring at.

That all she had to do was say, "I don't care," before she kissed him, and what little resistance he had left was immediately eradicated.

It's easier to imagine that he didn't give in that easily. That she didn't tug him onto the bed without objection, that she didn't plead, taunt and cajole him with so little effort that it was pointless him resisting in the first place.

He pulls the sheet down further, exposing more of her back, the curve of her body.

It's easier to imagine that it's not even her as he places a hand against her warm flesh, tugging her body down to discover she's wide awake.

So he calls her, "Sam."

That isn't who she is to him anymore: who she hasn't been for years. She was some vague, distant, yet fond memory. A woman who argued and fought, ranted and objected, determined to make herself heard.

Now, it's just a name.

It's easier to imagine that he's a better man than this, as he pulls her closer with no objection, as despite even his own concerns he fucks her again.

But he knows better.



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