A Weapon That Kills
by Suz suzvoy@tesco.net

Disclaimer - MGM/Gekko/Double Secret own them.

Yet another ‘Metamorphosis’ episode addition. You know the drill...spoilers...feedback...

For AJ. It was all your idea.


A blonde head, slumped forward.

Zat pointed at her skull; he knows it won’t be the first shot.

He tells *her* that he won’t kill her, that he needs her to save...

Then he realises. There’s no way to know he’s *going* to get her co-operation. Being a Goa’uld, even if she did agree she’d probably double-cross him.

And he’s holding a weapon that kills on the first shot.

He can wait; take the chance that she might help them.

Or he could shoot now.

Save Carter.


The Jaffa moves, making his decision.

He fires. And he’ll keep firing.


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