Carterís Legs
by Suz

Disclaimer Ė MGM/Gekko/Double Secret own them.

Take a WILD guess who inspired this one (even if she did inspire it a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...)? Yep. Bow to The Great Anna.

Very silly, very short, no spoilers.


Carterís Legs,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

(1) I donít get to see you a lot. I mean, I know youíre always there; sheíll walk in a certain way or lean in a certain way, and her pants will pull against her body. Cupping you, almost framing you as if you were a picture painted solely for me. But, in actuality, I donít get to see you a lot, which makes our time together even more special.

(2) When I do see you, itís usually because sheís in dress blues.

Statement of fact: deep blue is hands down the colour she looks best in. Doesnít matter what it is. Pants, a shirt, a feather boa (okay, so thatís a fantasy for another time) I donít know much about fashion Ė couldnít really give a ratís ass about fashion Ė but I do know that colour suits her *perfectly*. And if it just so happens that her dress uniform is that particular colour, then obviously the Universe is paying back some karma for all the crappy things itís done to me.

I love a woman in uniform.


(3) Youíre gorgeous Ė I mean just look at you! I know the colour yet again reinforces the fact that she spends way too much time in her lab, but I actually prefer you that pale. And youíre smooth. I donít even have to touch you to know that Ė I can see it. My hand would just glide across you, only pausing because it *wanted* to pause, because it wanted to prolong the experience.

(4) Youíre strong. Youíve literally kicked assed, then *hauled* ass to get yourself and others out of trouble. Youíve pounded against the ground, carrying her weight and frequently the weight of an injured party (sometimes me, sometimes not), never giving up, never going under.

(5) Youíre attached to Carter and let me tell you, that makes you the perfect package deal. Beautiful, sexy as hell, so intelligent itís scary/freaky/awe-inspiring, dedicated, loyal, funny, tender, planet/galaxy/universe/me saver, occasionally frightening, and without a doubt the woman I want to be staring at with confusion for the rest of my life.

(6) I mentioned the gorgeous part, right?


Sigh. What?

ďAs flattering as this is, are you done yet? My legs need to go to the bathroom.Ē

Adios, legs. Next viewing scheduled for five minutes time.

Donít be late.


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