Too Much
by Suz

A response to the samandjack 2002 Christmas challenge. The fic must:

- start with the phrase, "What do you mean, that's not allowed?"
- contain no mention of "regulations"
- contain lots of tinsel
- have Jonas as a member of SG-1 (though Daniel can appear)
- have a Sam and Jack kiss

And being the nutcase I am, I decided to see if I could deal with all of this in a drabble . Whether I succeeded or not is debatable, but I had fun trying! ;) And just go with me on the bathroom thing, okay? Feedback would be appreciated.


"What do you mean, that's not allowed?"

They ignore the newcomer's question to Janet, knowing he's festooned his quarters in every colour of tinsel imaginable.

They're in the bathroom, apparently to hang decorations. Not that they are. They're alone, just out of sight, but eons away.

Her back presses against the hard cement wall, her head tipping back; his fingers grasping her left wrist, moving slowly over the skin until he lifts the arm and that, too, is up against the wall.



"Jonas, it's too much."

Lips meet, breathlessly.

It probably should be, but it's never too much.


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