by Suz

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Very, very short ‘Descent’ episode addition. Set when Sam’s trying – and failing – to divert power to the panel. Spoilers for any episode where they die, as well as ‘Divide and Conquer’, and ‘Descent’.


He was going to have to stop touching her soon.

She was trying to concentrate, Teal’c wasn’t being helpful, and he wasn’t trying to pressure her – really.

He was just...alive.

Though they’d already had more than their fair share of close shaves, it was probably the closest yet either of them had come to actually dying – if you discounted the few times they actually had died.

This was one hell of a weird job.

But this had been the one when he’d actually thought his time was up. Floating in the middle of a Goa’uld mothership, lungs rapidly losing oxygen, hoping to God that somehow – *any* how – Carter would get herself out of this, mentally cursing Jacob for not being able to save them, mentally cursing himself for not listening to the guy. If he hadn’t been so hell bent on getting his hands on all this Goa’uld technology they wouldn’t have ended up where they ended up.

And he may not have been responsible for getting Jacob’s favourite planet blown up, but he would have been responsible for getting his only daughter killed.

Yeah, this really wasn’t cheering him up.

He moved back to her again for another couple of touches; not long enough to look dangerous – and he hated that he had to think in those terms anyway – but just enough to convince himself that they were alive, that he was alive, that *she* was alive.

He knew. In his head he knew that they were okay, if only for the moment. That they’d made it.

His subconscious was still freaking out.

Maybe it was the way it happened. Just the two of them, on a Goa’uld mothership...he’d seen the door, when it closed. She could have gotten out. She could have rolled underneath and escaped – she’d definitely had enough time.

But she’d stayed behind.

So...just the two of them, on a Goa’uld mothership, and one of them staying behind when they could have escaped.

It wasn’t something he was ever going to mention. After all, what right did he have to point out her mistakes when he’d made exactly the same choices?

In an attempt to stop touching her, he forced himself to think about something else. All he could come up with was that the wet look suited her. In fact, he was going to make it a new team directive that all attractive members of his team would be-

The panel lit up.

He touched her again.


He was going to have stop touching her soon.

Just not yet.


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